Wednesday, February 28, 2007

CNY Snapshots

Well, well, well, the Chinese new year is almost over. How did you spend yours? Mine was like food, FOod, FOOD and plenty of visiting, chit-chatting, catching up with old friends. Of coz not forgetting lots of angpaos, I mean me giving out. ;)
After married ar, the only angpao I got are from hubby, mom, dad, in laws and grandma. I save all of em, very thrifty one.
Oh yea, do you still remember the sleepy BB video last year? I have got one of a similar one this year. Bb was like so sleepy while waiting for his daddy to grab him a lion head from Petaling street. Since then, daddy and me was force to be the lion while the lil one bangging on his drum. tiring. Mommy, stop laughing...Zzzzzz...

Monday, February 26, 2007

Creative lightings

Premier Lighting shopprimier sponsors this post.

Preparing a new house and shopping for home lighting fixtures, bathroom lights, or garden lightings? I used to think that it is something so simple and needed least worried. However, I was wrong. Hubs and I used to spend months after work just to shop for the right lighting for our brand new house then. It was total chaos. The variety of styles, designs and pricing made our head spins.

I was browsing through Wall Mt lighting and found this design - Classic, elegant and a total beauty.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year, 新年快乐!

I prepared bb with traditional costume to attend CNY party in his kindergarten this morning. Everyone is required to bring CNY snack to share with friends there. I made him Ribena Konnyaku jelly and a box of Da Fa Fish snack with ang pao packet attached on each box.

Hope he has a great time. He doesn’t know how to share yet. When I told him I will be making jelly for his friends, he said “mommy, make jelly for bb only”. *Rolled eyes*

Here, I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year. Bb said: "Gong Xi Gong Xi, hong pao na lai" hehehe....

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

How did you spend your Valentine ’s Day? Hmm…as for me it wasn’t so much of a Valentine’s day. It was more of a mad cow CNY shopping craze again. I couldn’t really feel the mood but could see many young couples carrying beautiful teddy bears with flower queuing up outside restaurants waiting for their romantic meal.

We did have a dinner but it wasn’t romantic…hehe, went for Johnny’s steamboat (potong steam) instead to avoid the crowds. After dinner, went gift shopping for daddy’s clients and lingered around Jusco until 12am. Yea, they open until midnight. Later we headed for Old Klang Rd to grabbed cartons of mandarin oranges and dry meats. Phew! *Pout lips*. That’s how I spent my Valentine’s day, CNY has overpowered the cupid this time round. But but but, I was so glad to find a pleasant surprise from my son. A card he brought home from school. Sweet!

Valentine's card from BB,


I got another surprise last night after meeitng up with 1+2mom. Went home and saw something on my bed.

OooooOOoooooo....Wow! I am on cloud 9. Thanks daddy for the lovely gift. I love it. It will come in handy when No. 2 is out, a sling bag is a good choice. Thank you darling! Thought I won't be getting anything but it's always nice to have a gesture of appreciation no matter what. :)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Do you scale?

Do you do scaling yearly? I remember the last time I visited a dentist was about 2 years back. It was really an awful experience. I practically swore to myself that I would never go back to that dentist. She was so rude and rough like those one star “lau yea” dentist. She was a replacement dentist. The dentist I usually see was on Holiday.

I have no idea how she did my teeth but all I could remember was “BLOOD” oozing out from my gum. They were lots and lots of em and painful, very painful. Because of that, whenever I think of seeing a dentist I procrastinate. Until recently, a friend of mine recommended this dentist in P.J. Amcorp Tower.

This one is an entirely different experience. She is very detail and there were no sight of blood, most importantly not painful. Very clean, with polishing and friendly chat, it only cost RM80. Try her if you are having difficulties with nightmare dentist.

Say Cheese!!! *Showing off my clean teeth*

Allyfeel's recommendation: Dr. Christina, Tel: 03- 7954 7897/98

Friday, February 09, 2007

Excuse me

While daddy and I were talking in the living room, this was what happened:

Bb: Mommy, mommy
D&M: We did not reply but kept chatting
Bb: Excuse me mommy…(loud)
D&M: Wait darling
Bb: Hey… excuse me
Mommy: Can you wait? Please don’t disturb when mommy is talking to daddy.
Bb: No, I can’t wait.
Mommy: Why can’t you wait?
Bb: Because I am stubborn.
Mommy: Speechless….

He must have picked up that word when we laid our remarks on him.
He said excuse me very frequently. Reason being, he has loads of gas. Yea, he farts a lot. ;P

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Birthday party

Over the weekend, we attended a friend’s 2yr-old son’s birthday party. It was awesome. The owner arranged loads of activities for kids to enjoy. Bb had great fun doing coloring, making paper puppets of Barney and friends, treated himself to a waterproof tattoo and baloons.

I think my friend must have spent a lot of time and money preparing this party. The environment was superb; English breakfast was just so yummy. It was a restaurant located in Mount Kiara Damai called Bijou. I enjoyed myself yakking with long lost college friend found in the party.

My friend is thoughtful; she takes all the trouble to prepare different gifts for kids who attended the party. There was like three boxes of Japanese biscuits, a cotton finger puppet, Play-doh, a box of color pencil and some other stuff which I’ve forgotten. Hmm…don’t we just envy the life of a rich tai tai cum SAHM?

Left: Bijou Restaurant

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Anti-smoking sign

What is the use of putting up anti-smoking signs when people in Malaysia don’t border? Often or not the sign is just a decorative item in toilets, restaurants, air-con buildings, public places and etc.

I just couldn’t understand why people still smoke in areas that is labeled NO SMOKING. To them it’s just a sign, no effects at all. Why? Because the owner that put up the signs also never border to stop it’s customers from doing so. Once I was in an air-condition restaurant whereby smoking are not allowed but when I compliant that someone is smoking, guess what the restaurant people say? “We can’t do anything”. WHAT? Then don’t put up the bloody sign. It’s so irritating especially seeing those young girls carrying lighted sticks of ciggy happily chatting away while it burns and leaving ashes on the floor and polluted the entire food court and stair cases in office building. Another one is those advertising aunty that have to light a ciggy when they make their big business. There are signs and messages behind the toilet doors to remind them that smoking is not allowed but who is there to enforce the rules and to stop them from covering the entire toilet with white smokes? There must be thinking what can you do to me if I smoke? Do you think when you call the bomba or the police they will care?

We are just so backwards in all these. How I wish our dear smokers be a little sensitive towards other citizens that doesn’t want to inhale 2nd hand smoke and die of cancer. Malaysia government should seriously look into implementing anti-smoking laws like Singapore and Hong Kong.

My husband is also a smoker but he seems to know my disliking and only smokes at smoking area and not in front of me. However, sometimes I find the after smoking smell is equally unbearable. Is it only me reacting this way? What about you?

Friday, February 02, 2007

Assorted kid’s socks

Sis imported some kid’s socks from Taiwan. I got a dozen from her for bb at wholesale price. It’s very cheap. Bb loves his Disney socks so much. If you are also interested to get some for your kids,
let me know.

A friendly video spokesperson

RegOnline sponsors this post.

Have you come across a video spokesperson that guides you through a complicated conference registration form before?

As any other registration form, it started out by asking you to fill in email address, person-attending events, payment mode and so on. What appears different here is it has an online video spokesperson to greet you and guide you through the registration. Very personalize! It would be better if the spokesperson, Connie appears faster before I fill in those details. It definitely adds comfort and warmness to a cold cyber space registration.

I think if this feature is to apply on sales oriented websites explaining usage and functions of products, it would be a success. Online games designer can look into this virtual guide to explain rules on how to play a complicated game. Politician can make use of this marvelous technology to run their campaign and recruit members online. Imagine our DAP’s leader Mr. Lim pitching about how he could make Malaysia a better place if his party is to take over the current. Cool invention indeed! :)

Sickly weekend

Chinese always believe that before the Chinese New Year, you will either get very lucky or the reverse. I have no idea why, probably all those invisible ones come and collect debt *evil smile*.

Last year around this time, my car tyre punctured for the first time of my 15 years of driving. It was bad! What made it worst was daddy unable to deliver help and I have to solve this all by myself. It was horrendous! As you can tell, I started driving once I got my license. Back then, we did not have any course to teach us how to fix a puncture tyre. Gosh! *Think, think, think* There is a Shell station nearby, so I asked the car washing boss if he could help. I had a little luck left; he dragged his assistance and his tools along to help me fix it. I was so grateful, I offer him money but he refused. I thanked him and feeling a bit uneasy, I made them konnyaku jelly the next day.

As for now, bb and I have caught flu & sore throat for about a week already. For me, I had a few sleepless nights, I couldn’t stand, I pay a visit to the Damansara Specialist hospital as major GP clinic were closed yesterday. It was a long wait and daddy had to fork out RM97 just for a short visit and a couple of Clarinase, Panadol for me, and flu syrup for bb. Thought I could have a rest after that. No, No, No. Daddy wants us to accompany him for shopping. Can you believe it? I was like half dead with my red eyes, nose and big belly, shop from 3+ to about 9 at night. Phew!!! I am gonna give daddy a shopping award. Usually it’s the woman that shops like crazy, in my case, it’s the reverse. I can decide on things I want to buy very quickly but not for daddy. He can take half and hour digging for cloths he wanted and later left empty handed. While waiting for him, bb has already taken a few rides, I have bought a swim goggles. Hmm…but one thing for sure, he can probably get better things than I can as he is so detail and a little fussy sometimes.

Read from the Star yesterday about an article saying women doesn't know how to sacrifice for their husband nowadays. I think it's not entirely true, there are still women like us around who is willing to cook, clean, wait patiently while husband is shopping, take care of kids and work fulltime. :) We are not dead yet dude!

Back to bb, I have problem feeding medicine to him again. He just refused to take any, I had no choice but watching him sleep with block nose and loud snore. *sakit hati*. I mixed 3ml of the flu syrup in his milk this morning. He observed from far end and realized I took longer to make milk this time and had some weird sound from the syringe, he told me this:" Mommy, u no need to make milk for me, ask kakak make". I used my body to block the medicine and had to hide it after mixing. He looked at the corner where I made milk suspiciously but managed to finish more than half of it. *Hooray!* Hope he could recover soon.