Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Innovative CRM

An estimated 80% of all lost sales are caused by neglect of Lead. AIMpromote, innovative CRM package has many creative features to help you solve this problem in your business. For instance, Lead Attention Meter™, was created to provide a quick way to see how much neglect a lead is receiving. They have attention meter in Green, Yellow and Red. When a lead is neglected over time, it will turn to red. That means it is on alert, a speedy attention is needed to address the leads.

Besides that, AIMpromote provides visitor tracking with every single detail of every visitor that comes to your site. It offers detail reports on what browser, screen resolution, media players your visitor are using. When you have all specific information about your visitor, about what they searched for, you could easily tailor your site to satisfy their needs.

Check out these other creative features as well: Lead Attention Meter™, Sales Management , Sales Force Automation , Lead Reseller System , Campaign Tracking , Custom Lead List , Visitor Tracking , Importing / Exporting , Private Labelling , Automatic Lead Distribution , Mortgage Lead Management.

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Brandon said...

Looks like this software does only half the job when it comes to lead management. While having a bar that says "Hey, Look at me, I'm an important lead call me now!" is nice. Why not take it a step further? When leads are being captured, wouldn't it be nice to be able to get on that lead with seconds? At there is a CRM that can. As soon as a leads information is captured and placed into the CRM from a form, it will automatically call the appropriate user and then contact the lead. Or if a user is not available have it leave an automated message with the lead. This will not only give you better lead coverage, but more business as well.