Friday, May 25, 2007

Down with Fever

Gosh!!! I am curently down with fever at the final stage of my pregnancy. It's a bit scary though. I slept from 7pm last night till 11:30am this morning after taking 2 panodol prescribed from doctor the last time. That's a pretty long sleep eh? I am feeling so much better after hub bought me some porridge. Luckily he is ever willing to help with the kid and all so that I could have a good rest. Thank God!

I am still feeling a little tired and have joint pain over some parts of my body. Hope it will go away soon. Sleep is getting harder at night as the baby growing bigger. I get breathlessness sometimes and frequent toss around is unavoidable. Hub said he dream that baby will pop on 28 of June. Haha! It's a nice number. He was accurate with Ivan's date the last time. We shall see if he is accurate this time. ;)


Sasha said...

eh hope u get well soon . i was down with fever viral when i was 6 months preggie also. very san fu wan. U rest well k

sue said...

Wah... if your baby pops on 28/6 it'll be exactly same as my Ivan lorr... :D