Friday, May 25, 2007

I am Lovin' PPP

Wow! This is cool. Pouring out lovey-dovey feelings towards PPP and I am paid for $10. See, this is what I love about PPP. Need I say more?

Let me recall a bit, I started writing PPP since January 2007. Then I did not know anything about it. Fellow bloggers encouraged me to take up the extra income earning trades. Since then, there is no turning back. At the comfort of my own home, work place and even public places, I could lay my hands on writing PPP and doing blog reviews. I have earned hundred plus of $$$ and will definitely work towards getting more of it. Besides earning cash, PPP is a good source to get to know the juiciest events and friends around the world. I have definitely nurtured my patience while getting to know advertiser’s requirements.

I plan to purchase a set of Baby Einstein’s DVD for my daughter whom will be due this coming July 6th. Thanks PPP for the marvelous offer, making our lives better by the day.

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