Saturday, May 26, 2007

COOL i Mac

Hub has bought an imac for file conversion recently. We just love the sexy mac. I used to use Mac back in College but working in Malaysia's IT in the 90's, most people used PC. Ivan and myself had a great time using it. Ivan uses it for his Online games from PBS kids and a couple of kids games site. He could sit in front of the Mac for the entire afternoon. And I am so amazed with his ability to navigate the site on his own and master some game. Huh, it's really COOL. Oopps..he is coming to paster me for his share of the Mac now.

We tried some of this photos from the photo i booth. So cool!.


1+2mom said...

You still look great, somemore your due date was near you not put up so much weight??

Egghead said...

I still prefers the old IMAC... the one where the monitor can be rotated 360 one :)