Thursday, January 18, 2007


Gosh! He is still crying after 2 weeks. I spoke to my sister a couple of days ago telling her my concern over bb’s behaviour. When ask by daddy or mil whether he cries in school; bb’s answer is always “NO! I never cry”, uttered with confidence. In fact, he cries furiously when I drop him to school daily. His excuses before leaving with the teacher are either, “I want to go back or I want mommy or I want my kakak…”.

Sis told me to boil an egg and keep it in his school bag; he will be okay in 2 weeks. Err…I have no idea why, it was a myth she heard from elder woman to soothes kids from crying to school. Has anyone heard of this tale before? Does it work was my immediate question to her. Well obviously, she said it worked for her 3rd child. I am very doubtful la but still I asked Sri to boiled one this morning for bb to bring to school. I am keeping my fingers cross. *counting- 1,2 3, 4, 5….eggs need to be boiled b4 he stops crying, wah, who is gonna eat those eggs???*

Of late, I have been seriously thinking about quitting my job after the 2nd one arrive. I am very disappointed with my achievement at this stage. I could not understand how I can stand doing this for close to 2 years. I have plans for the future; I am planting my roots now. It’s okay if others don’t understand, but I know for sure it’s gonna materialize when the time comes. I am very glad daddy is supportive of my decision.

Daddy is very sweet; he bought me Lo Hong Ka bird’s nest over the weekend. It comes with 10 sachets of pearl powder and another small bottle of bird’s nest FREE. There is a Chinese New Year promotion running. We bought ours at 1U. Well, let’s hope bb no 2. and my skin glow after consuming the expensive bird’s saliva. Yummy!


Sasha said...

wah another good loooking baby on the way!

Growing Investor said...

Don't boil eggs, that is definately a myth =]

Shannon said...

BOIL eggs???? Err, never heard of it and I doubt it'll work leh... No logic wor...


laundryamah said...

warao boil eggs...can meh? talking to him and the teachers are very important la...maybe there's some kid bullying bb leh...

baby-ryanlim said...

Never heard of the boil egg tale. Could it because he's got no friends in school? I rmb my niece used to hate school, low gai, cry, acted sick you name it but when he found himself good buddies in school all tt seemed to disappear.

Desperate Mummy said...

Hi there dun worry bb will be ok later as he still need sometimes to get used the new enviroment. Wah, I'm sure u 2nd bb will same as the mum and the brother skin nice nice :)

geetha said...

Don't worry, over time, bb will be ok. Who knows, may the egg will help ;)
(..never heard of it though)

Daddy is taking good care of you :)

1+2mom said...

wah Lo Hong Ka!!!YOur bb skin sure very nice ler cause last time when i pregnant my son i got ate, his skin more smooth but my gals i didnt know lar..haha.
I think bb still manja daddy mommy lar cause some of my school student also like that but after a while(parents gone
)they ok liao.If saw their parents they start cry liao.

Annie said...

aiyo...ur skin so nice edi...some more take bird nest... wah licin like soap lor! *envy* *envy*

mott said...

hello hellO!! thanks for dropping by! !! Sorry so late..but congrats on your No.2!!!! U were so never occurred to me that u were preggie!!!!!!! *grins*!

jazzmint said...

wah, eggs and no cry, work bohh?? Probably a photo of u and daddy works better :P

jefferene said...

The teacher might be laughing when they saw the egg. :)

One girl in YC class, never cry during the first few days but started crying in the morning in the second week but eventually stop after enter the class room.

From my observation, most of the kids stop crying after their parent left and settled down in the class after a while. I think bb behave the same, he might have stop crying after you left.

beckysmum said...

I never believe in those myth. Believe me, BB will definately stop crying one day, even tho you don't boil eggssss daily!

Tracy said...

Haiyo, u do believe in dat? Never heard of dat lar. So u got to buy lots of eggs for keeps and boil everyday until BB stops crying?

No worries, I'm sure he'll stop crying when he's accustomed with the environment and friends around him. My girl was like dat too but now she tells me she got a very good friend and she wants to go to school to see and play with her.

Wah, u are one lucky lady. How nice and sweet of hubby to buy Lo Hong Ka's bird's nest for. *thinking oso makes me swallow my saliva*

Anonymous said...

huh.... i love eggs...err... izit 1/2 boiled? hehehe...

oh yeah...why need to wait to quit? just quitlah... somemore u can have good rest for the new coming baby rite? and can grow the plant at home...


Zara's Mama said...

Your hubby is so nice..

But you dare to eat the Pearl Powder? I'll go for the birdnest, but not the pearl powder.

On the egg myth.. tell me if it works for BB, haven't heard of that before.

Allyfeel said...

Well, good looking is a bonus la but most important is complete and healthy. :)

growing investor,
I regcon too.

Yalor, I can't find the logic also...that's why I only do it once and gave up.

may be he was just so manja, wants to show me la. No bully kua I think cause he probably bully ppl. kekekeke.

Hmm...I asked him does he have friends, he told me his friends name is Isaac. :)

desperate mummy,
Thanks, I am keeping my fingers cross. ;P

Hehe...I didn't follow thru the boiled egg tale la. He is already showing sign of not crying today. I am very glad.

Ya, he can't bring me travel so bribe me with bird's nest lo. :)

I hope so, today he never cry...horray!!!

Wei, my skin is the sensitive one. Bb one is nice...kekeke.

Hehe..thanks la, but this second one makes me feel so heavy and my tummy showing so much now and I am lack of energy most of the time.

jazzmint, u make me sounds so kampung to believe those tales. kekeke!

I thought so too la, he can't be crying all the time. And the most amazing thing is he wanted to draw everyday using his color pencil and he showed us how he counts using his fingers. I think u r right.

Ya, u r right. those are old lady tales I guess.

Hehe..nola, I didn't follow thru the myth. He showed sign of not crying today. Like I said b4 lor, he bribe me with Lo Hong Ka cause he can't bring me travel ma.

hehe..I want the free paid 2 months leave lor and moreover, staying at home only growing plants is kind of bored le. Don't u think so? But if no. 2 is out, I will be so busy edi.

zara's mama,
Actually I haven't eat but the pack says is for pregnant lady one wor the pearl powder.

About the boiled egg, I never follow la, bb is already not crying this morning. :)

Twin said...

poor bb. In due time he'll get use to it la. Haf not sent Denisha to school yet since in nursery she learns ABCs and 123s .. so was thinking maybe next year. :)Btw, happy new year!

huisia said...

Wow, your hubby so lovely la..i wondering whether my hubby "seh-tak" to buy this Lou Hong Ka for me or not..

Allyfeel said...

Happy new year to u n family too. Yeah, need to give him some time to adjust to new environment.

sure seh tak one. Tell him it's for the baby. What is this in comparison to the lap top n hand phone he bought u. ;)