Thursday, January 25, 2007

Teacher said I am LAZY

This is a post to announce that finally my little boy stop crying to school. *Hooray!* It started 3 days ago when the principal herself brought him to the class. She was saying “Clever boy, come, and clever boy”. Wow, those are indeed very effective words to use. For your info, I only boiled egg for a day and never follow yet he still stop crying so it proves that egg boiling doesn’t work. Kekeke!

Bb started yakking a lot lately and started counting his fingers and anything he sees in books. He even echo what teacher said in school. Last night he told me teacher call him “Lazy”. “WHAT? Did I hear it right? Why teacher call you lazy” His reply was “ Because I never stand up”. According to Sri, teacher has to call his name 3 times before he stands up hence he earns himself a title of “LAZY”. What is this? I think teacher shouldn’t call him names lidat. I think I should call to clarify or to screw the teacher. *Blood boiling*. I practiced name-calling with him last night pretending to ask him to sit down, call many other names, and need him to stand up in response to his name. It was a fun game.

Let’s hope he doesn’t give me heart attack anymore by telling me these nonsense. I am gonna call the principal today. *Fuming*

**update: Called the principal, she said "not true", in the morning, teacher usually pet talk to them asking them to wash face, wake up early and cannot be lazy. Therefore, I love to take it as it is and perhaps my maid was telling me the wrong thing. Just thought if they really do so, a concern phone call will serve as a warning.


baby-ryanlim said...

Happy Happy.. Finally BB likes school. So, no need to quit work anymore lor.. :)

Shannon said...

wah, bb big boy liao... muacks muacks...
wei, sri goes to the school with bb mar?

Annie said...

Initially i thot u played the "name-calling" as those nasty name calling thingy....silly me. I agree with you that teacher should not scold LAZY to any of the kids - even if they are really lazy. Should use more encouraging words. I will call too!

huisia said...

Wah, i really can't believe if the teacher called bb LAZY lol..

I also want to talk to my Jo's principal but my mum keeps saying don't call as she scares the teacher will do something to my Jo. As i asked his class teacher make sure Jo to drink his water but his teacher dare to pour all the water to sink and cheated me that Jo has finished his water by his own. How Jo could finish all water as the straw is not long enough to the bottom of the bottle??

Sasha said...

WAH this mummy also quite fierce eh ? heheh good that he loves sch now.

laundryamah said...

aiya if the teacher did call him lazy the principal also sure say didn't la...sure protect their own staff wat!

jazzmint said...

good that he likes school now :). Maybe he found a new fried there??

Allyfeel said...

Quit work will probably come later when the no. 2 arrive.

Nola...Sri heard from bb oustide the school when fetching him with Fil. Bb told him and she tells me.

Yalor, that's why I was a bit unhappy mar. But lucky teacher said no wor.

Wah, serious? The teacher pour the water away?

Bb always finish his water from school and when he reached the car, he would wallop a bottle of milk followed by his meal.


Well, u have a point. But I hope they are not la.

Yeah, got new girlfriend. kekekek!