Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fun in Tmn Tun Park

After days of schooling, a play in a near by park brings back sweet smile to my dear darling boy. This is the first time he gets to cycle outside of the house. It was a huge park; I seriously don’t know that it exist. I heard from hubby that 10 million was spent building that park. It is quite a pleasant and serene park with loads of greenery apart from some still under construction area. There are even waterfall and muddy area for parents and kids to dip in their feet for fish catching. I have seen people having picnic there too. There is a huge pond with lots of lively tortoises’ enjoying the evening sun and two water fountains in it.

Daddy dropped us in the park and went to another tougher area to have a running competition with his friend for a bet of RM50. Hehe…I am so surprise that he won the bet. Yeah, he is fat but not all that bad. He is clever with his winning strategy, a pat at your back daddy.

Sri and I walked while bb was on his bicycle for the entire hour in the park. Both were treated with ice cream after the walk. Later we went out for dinner with daddy’s friend in Damansara Village for herbal steamboat. Bb had fun with free balloons from balloon expert and played scoping fish in the pond area. That is their gimmick of attracting kids and parents. Poor fish though being scope up and put back many times in a day, can’t last all that long.

As for schooling, he still cries this morning but is willing to tell me more about school and he corrected my pronunciation of mentioning his form teacher’s name wrongly. *Rolled eyes*

As for myself, I just feel so stuck sometimes. Everyone in my office is booking for flights to go traveling with Airasia. I couldn’t even mention it to daddy. He is extremely busy and only willing to plan for trip after my delivery. Weirdly, he has all the time to be with his friends for Mah Jong, soccer and the likes but is so non-receptive about 3 days 2 nights trip with me. *Sigh*


Ricket said...

Sounds like a nice place to spend in a lazy afternoon.

Your husband is concern for you travelling. You can start bringing in some brouchers and get him interested.

Sasha said...

hmmmmm dun be sad la. Why not u just sms and say that u're booking the tickets. You only have a few more months to travel before u can't travel on plane anymore u know.

Shannon said...

same here leh... i also so tempted to book for tickets, but tecky kept saying that difficult to confirm so early, difficult to bring rachel, rachel not suitable for flight, go for leisure drive.... :(

babykhong said...

I heard about the park but don't know how to get there though. I heard that it is very difficult to book the tickets lehh.

Jesslyn said...

During my pregnancy, my hubby no more bring me for travel lor, his worry more than mine! *sigh*

Oscar's Mommy said...

dont feel bad la. hubby might be thinking you needed more rest and will bring you for trips after delivery. my oscar also very lauya la, cried today... cham mou!

1+2mom said...

Where is the Tmn Tun Park located??Need find 1 day bring my kids to there too.
I think your hb care about you and your baby so dunwan bring you go travel..dun be feel sad.

Desperate Mummy said...

Dun be sad ok, maybe hubby is thinking tat u are pregnant so is not suitable to travel. Cheer up!

Allyfeel said...

Well, he did say that if I really want, I go and book wor. *Rolled eyes*

Yalor, I know that why I wanted to travel otherwise, I will hv to wait so long.

hehe...smae same here la those excuses. NVM la, I think I can still tahan until I pop. Later ask him to pay for everything. Kekekeke.

yalor, but my colleague still very keng manage to get free seats. The park is very near to the pizzahut in Tmn Tun.

I guess so la.

Oscar's mommy,
hehe...not too worry la, my bb still cry up till today.

Do you know where Tmn tun Pizza hut turning is? Use that road, go straight until the end and turn left, u will see a school, the park is just opposite the school.

Desperate mummy,
Ya...I am ok with it juts dun feel nice that time lor. Anyway, I think I will stick to our plan to go travel only after my delivery. :)

twin said...

Sounds like a fun day. BB looked so happy in the fishing picture.
Don't be dishearten la .. maybe hubby will give you a surprise soon :)