Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Before and after

Before pregnant, everything seems perfect.

After pregnant, I lost count of the time I puked. I even cried after it. My pants are tight, I love to eat starchy food, cold and sweet soft drink, anything that is sweet - "yuck"!!!

My face and hair are so oily. I think I smell. I can't stand strong perfume. I feel lousy. I go to the loo so often and the loo stinks big time. I don't eat well. I have constipation. I can't listen to music. I feel sick all the time. Oh sunshine! Where are you?


mom2ashley said...

LOL! the loo stinks for me too..not my home one but the public ones...

Sasha said...

u'll get over it very soon! cheer up! You want a cute and cheerful baby right?

huisia said...

Prudy, cheer up, those sickness will get over soon...

Do you still remember that day i said i felt very ill? See, now i am getting better and have my appetite back!


Annie Q said...

hi!Hope u get over those sickness very soon.kampate!

Oscar's Mommy said...

you poor thing, be strong ok. preggie is lidat wan ler.. all hormone chi sin ledi.. stay happy and you'll feel ok.. nice pic you've drawn..

mommy of two angels said...

i thot hair more shinny & lustrious when preggie...and the best part..boobs also so much bigger...can wear real low cut for at least 5 mths...then a little susah to be sexy when tummy showing after tat least got of few months to "fat haw"

laundryamah said...

yeah yeah hang in there..we've all been thru it and survived it! no worries!!

Anonymous said...

The sun will start shining on you again in 2nd trimester. :)

And the bump will look prettier.

Hang on there.

Zara's mama

Allyfeel said...

Hahaha...yaya, the public and office toilet not my home one. :)

Ya...I will, thanks!

yawor...somemore got mood to shoot people ’偷情‘ in the park...LOL!

annie q,
Thank you!

Oscar's mommy,

mommy of two angels,
I think second one a bit more "sun fu" ler. Hair more oily, I just cut my hair short. Breast bigger a bit la but tummy also bigger then b4. Last time I can hide tummy till 5 months but now it is obvious edi.

Thanks, I will remind myself that.

Zara's mama,
Haha, bump nicer? u mean shinier and rounder?...LOL!

Tracy said...

Heehee, not the 1st time for u, rite? When u were preggie with BB, u weren't like dat? Haha, must be a girl girl lor.

Shannon said...

prudy... cheer up oo....
VERY soon, the susah time will be over... *cross fingers*
think of the cutie pie when (s)he comes along, instead of the suffering now.... :D

Twin said...

Cheer up ...! Time will pass .. just hang on. :)

shiaulin said...

congrats! long time didn't visit ur blog loh, sorry for that, in fact, i seldom read blog recently :P

take care, cheer up.

jazzmint said...

morning sickness huh!! don't worry, u will get out of it fast :)