Wednesday, December 06, 2006


While I was looking for my beading needle to fix daddy’s broken bracelet, bb went over to my dressing table. I looked at him in the mirror, wrapped him with my pearl lariat. Haha! He immediately removed it from his neck and told me “no, mommy”. I said “why?” “It’s nice what?”. He said “For girl girl not for bb one”. Haha! Luckily, he knows how to say NO, I was so afraid he like it and request more to put on his neck. Phew!

Then, he wanted to play with my eye shadow. I let him play with the brush but he wanted to paint my table with my eye shadow. I made him repeat after me this tongue twister “She sells sea shells on the sea shore”. He recited 3 times and I let him play.

This is what happened after some very quiet moment. What a disaster! Luckily, I am not a make- up person; I happened to leave these on my table after a wedding dinner on Saturday. Aiyoo…Got to get a new highlight eye shadow again.


Sasha said...

Eeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk but if he dun play with the eyeshadow then u dun have excuse to buy new one..hehe

1+2mom said...

LOL!!Kids so quite they sure got something going on, mine lipstick set also spoiled on my son hand..haiz.But that time long long ago when he just 1 year plus :)

Shannon said...

All kids like to play with mommy's makeup hoh, boys and gals included.... hehehe
I used to do that when I was in primary school, then when mommy ask me, I told her no, NOT ME!!!
hehe, I so notty... that's why remember until now.... :D

Desperate Mummy said...

Hahaha ... actually I'm the same too. My daughter like to play wif my makeup and facial set to apply to her face :(

laundryamah said...

wah u actually let him play with your eyeshadow ah..expensive toy leh..talking about makeup i've been losing some here n there..dunno whether kids played with them or taken by maid??

Zara's Mama said...

Err.. the pearl thingy (what is lariat?) he said for girl girl.. but eye shadow leh? Not for girl girl ah?

huisia said...

Eye shadow, wah, expensive thingy you also let him play? Hehe..

Annie Q said...

did he apply the eye shadow on himself? hehe

jazzmint said...

wahh...looks like he used up all the eyeshadow LOL...should have given him a harder tongue twister :P

Allyfeel said...

sasha, new one no need money arr?

yawor, last time bb also spoilt my lipstick b4. Guess they are the curious bunch.

LOL! Good memory, but no good to tell lie. kekekeke!

desperate mommy,
They like to imitate. For my son he never apply to his face just play with it only. :)

You got spot check ur mate's room or not one?

zara's mama,
The pearl lariat is a long necklace where you can wrap around ur neck and tie a knot at the end.
Ya wor haha, he never apply the eye shadow only play with it like color may be. :)

My this eye shadow cheapo one la.

annie q,
lucky no. kekeke!

I think I bad mother la, always spoilt him.