Friday, November 10, 2006

Why do you need so much?

This conversation happened during our car journey to see bb at mil’s place.

Mommy: Do you think I should stay home and be a SAHM if we have a second kid?
Daddy: No, I never thought of that.
Mommy: Do you think ma (mil) can cope? Don’t you think she needs some time off and relax? (trying to con him into accepting my idea)
Daddy: Silent
Mommy: I am very low maintenance one. You only need to give me $xxxx per month, then I can survive one.
Daddy: What? Why you need so much every month? Last time pa (pil) only gave ma $xxxx much.
Mommy: Wah, tai lou, last time and now where got same?
Daddy: What do u need to spend on, everything regarding house whole is paid off what?
Mommy: (Whao! Started calculating everything and I can smell the anger)
Well, let’s don’t discuss about this, it’s too early to have this conversation. *sigh in my heart*

End…. men and their money… sigh!


geetha said...

Hahaha.. where can compare last time and now!
I wish I could do that too.. SAHM *sigh*

huisia said...

Yalo, last time Enfagrow charged RM30+ and now charged to compare? Man always like this lol, when talks about money sure have many excuses.

jazzmint said...

hahaha...they always like that one ler. My hubby was telling me, pay maid 400 pay me 500. then i was like what!! me only 100 better than the maid...better go fly kite like that...

Oscar's Mommy said...

wei, so cham la... me also want to be SAHM la.. but for me to really ask money from hubby, very sien la... better work and earn my own money.. can spend on whatever i want!

Sasha said...

when talk about money its like dat la..

Allyfeel said...

geetha,'s pray that one day all our dreams will come true. ;P

yup..lidat one lor, money hard to earn gua...:)

so mean la...treat you like "ah sei". I think my hubby once said ht same phrase la. 8_*

true also ler, ask money must make many more cute faces..hehehehe!

I wonder if they are rich, u think they will still be so calculative?

blinka.Li said...

even as a SAHM,u can work from home. Some part time income will keep u ALIVE! Let him pay for the maid and everything else .:P My SIL is also a full time SAHM, got RMxxxx from husband, now she is working on getting bonus by end of the year!! hahaha, cool ha?!

michelle said...

Hahaha...sounds like $$ is your hubby's second wife. Cannot depart with it.

Ricket said...

We men may sound stingy, but talk a bit more will soften our hearts. Try on husband again.

twin said...

wah how to compare ... last time S26 cost 5 bucks now cost 50 bucks. 10 time of everything. Yeah ask for 10 times of being SAHM. Hehehe.