Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bb’s Birthday

A long anticipated day for bb. We attended his new level 7 play class in Gymboree on Saturday. Ya…he just turned 3. It was a completely different experience for him as they encourage self-expression in the class. Haha..when asked to stand up and sing a song, he pulled a parachute to cover his own head like an Ostrich. I didn’t force him, just couldn’t believe my eyes that he could be this shy. The teacher later isolated him and other kids from their mother in a private room to read story. He didn’t disappoint me, he stayed until the end. When I peeked from outside, I saw him moving away from the crowd.

Later, he helped decorate the house with balloons; the naughty hand burst a few of them while helping.

We had a very simple celebration within the family. On this day, he gets what he asks for. He behaved extremely well. We had some simple lunch followed by cake cutting session and present presenting. Bb was very delighted as he got his dream bicycle, he cannot part with it since.

As usual, he enjoyed cake cutting but never even want to try his own birthday cake. We ordered the cake a week before, it didn’t turn out to be of daddy’s expectation as the aesthetic aspect of it was quite rough but as long as bb enjoyed himself, I don’t really mind.

It was a day he slept on his own new bed with Mr. Incredible bed sheet as well. *Smile*


Sasha said...

happy birthday BB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and u so leng chai!! muakS!!!

geetha said...

Happy Birthday BB!
You can now ride your bike around :)

I may get Champion a train cake too, as he is crazy about Thomas and his friend!

huisia said...

Happy Birthday to BB!
My Jo didn't try his 1st and 2nd birthday cake too, but i guess he will love his third birthday cake.

Annie Q said...

hAppy belated birthday bb!Eh!The cake look very nice,where u got it from?Expensive?

laundryamah said...

happy belated bday! the cake so cute..where did u get it? me shopping for bday cake ler..

Allyfeel said...

Hehe...thanks! I am sure if you have girl, she will be very leng lui like you too. :P

Actually we wanted to get him Mr. Incredible from Ikano, unfortunately they only take order 2 weeks earlier, we were too late. We went to someone else to get this Thomas & Friends train cake.

Hope so eh... dun know why he doesn't really like cakes.

annie q,laundryamah,
I think it looks ok only, the cake itself taste better. :) This cake is cheaper then those fancy cake outside. It's 2.5kg and cost only RM120.

I got the contact from sue. Her name is Pamela Jones in Old Klang road. contact no: 03-79815179

Other contacts:
Lilian - phn no. 03-7493 2513 (not sure where about)
Fong - phn no. 012 227 2187 (in Ikano Power Centre, Damansara)
also try Sasha's sis in law - MIN

blinka.Li said...

Happy belated bb! kiss kiss!

Zara's Mama said...

Happy Birthday BB.. wow.. his birthday close to Zara's one huh? Scorpio boy huh?

jazzmint said...

oo happy belated birthday to BB. His cake very nice leh, where did u order?

Allyfeel said...,
Thanks auntie Cher.

zara's mama,
ya, very close. I think scorpio kua, very notty and poisonous. kekekeke!

see above for contact.

Twin said...

Happy Birthday BB ... wah big boy oredi!!