Thursday, November 23, 2006


My colleague and I went to a nearby bakery to get some bread during lunch. She met a friend’s sister who is studying nearby. A young, pretty, educated city girl who wore a tight black v-shape top and airy flowery skirt.

While chatting, a young guy passed her by. She called for the guy “Hey Beng”. The guy replied “Hey Lian”. Lian opened her sweet mouth while smiling and said “Fuck you”. Beng glanced at her with a broad smile and greeted her “Fuck you back”.

Me-- *Jaw dropped*

Oh boy, is this the way youngster greet each other nowadays?
Imagine this - while walking on the street, you hear “Hey, fuck you mommy!” And you notice it’s your son that is greeting you. You reply “Hey fuck you back son!”

GOSH!!! Horrible! Horrible! Horrible!


Sasha said...

HAHAHAH that's how we greet each other last time. Must be some HELP college fella la..

Egghead said...

well... at least they just simply shout for fun... not actually "doing it"... LOL!

p/s: Sasha is one of them! :P

geetha said...

Fuyoo! So scary lah.. I wonder what our children will learn when they grow up! Definitely more scary phrases than my son's mangkuk statement! Hehehehe :)

laundryamah said...

not funny la..damn! no manners! dat's y i shudder at the thought of my kids becoming teenagers..

huisia said...

Aiyo,wore nice nice but talked so rude!

jazzmint said...

alamak....why so rude one!!

domesticgoddess said...

horrible indeed! o.O

blinka.Li said...

they think that is COOL is indeed horrible. :( TV, movies influenced the teenagers a lot. Y they never picked up the good things instead ha?

The 'young,pretty,educated girl' said...

I'm sorry but before you'd like to generalize "kids these days", may i please share my opinions on your apparent justification on Life.
First of all, you know nothing about me and my friend. You know nothing about our secret jokes and you know nothing about why we call each other Ah Beng and Ah Lian and i don't see a reason to explain that. Also, you did not even see that my friend showed me a middle finger so before you start telling the whole world about the "young,pretty educated girl", don't judge me or my friend before knowing us well enough because it's disgusting. If it's so horrible, why even type out the word FUCK. You'd have just type a few stars after the F if it's "Horrible! Horrible! Horrible!". I'm actually more terrified for future where there'll be more judgmental people like you.

Oscar's Mommy said...
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Allyfeel said...

Yup you are so right. :P

hehe...ya man, I guess she grew out of it now. :)

Well, as mothers of coz we think that statement is a lil too much. I bet she doesn't talk like that in front of her parents. :)

Well, but it's quite unavoidable right? haha!

huisia, jazzmint, domesticgoddess,
Yalor...a bit shocking but funny. :),
Well, read her comment may be you can get to know her opinion better?

The'young,pretty,educated girl',

Chill, if you read my title and content clearly, it was an incident that was picked up by a mother about the way youngsters greeted each other, not judging their character nor personality. It was a description of what happened and the act of it was horrible. What do you think your mother's reaction would be if she hears that???

Well girl, you have your right of putting your opinion, so do we mothers. :)

Shannon said...

Ally, I just read from's blog comments, and realised, YOU ARE FROM KLANG??!!!

Anyway, I think The'young,pretty,educated girl' a bit too sensitive lar... hehehe.... but yeah, I think the fuck word has become a norm, i think even a primary school kid would know liao leh...

Zara's Mama said...

scarry huh? Wonder what it will be like when our kids grow older..

michelle said...

Yeah scary. Let's hope we mothers do better in producing better generations. Opps, I hope I am not judging...:P

babykhong said...

Aiyoo...that's horrible!

Adrian & Alvan said...

emm...well that wasn't funny. I had read the 'young, pretty, educate' girl commented, and this is my opinion and my personal thinking no OFFEND ok,
"I think b4 we say/do something out, we must consider the people around us, if not only will distroy your personal image but also your family, ok, e.g. if the people who hear/see you doing rude and he/she know your father, he/she may said "xxx son/daughter so no manners" are spoiling your parent's name, think twice b4 you try to show your 'cool' way to public.

Twin said...

its pretty horrible. Gawd! Imagine hearing my kids say that ... it would be a blow! Eh u're from klang .. which year?