Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Where is the red one?

Bb sat close, enjoying the show on TV with me.

Bb: Mommy, where is the red one?
Mommy: There, he flies up high to save people
Bb: Mommy, where is the red one? Where is the red one? Where is the red one?
Mommy: there…noh…noh Spiderman…
Bb: Mommy, where is the Spiderman. Where? Where? Where? Where? Where?
getting a bit annoyed. Why do they repeat so often? (thinking aloud)
Mommy: The Spiderman is flying, noh... noh... there.
Bb: Where...where...where...where...where?
Mommy: (Buah Tahan) Bb, u go sit there, over there, mommy tummy ache
Bb: Mommy, I want to sit here with mommy and hug hug.
Mommy: okok
Bb: Mommy, where is the red one?
Mommy: Speechless.

Last night...

Upon reaching home, "mommy, I want to watch Spiderman. I want; I want...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..."wailed non-stop. It took me a while to console him.


geetha said...

As they start asking those inquisitive questions, no more peaceful TV times ;)
All those why, where, what, how.. all are real quite cute :)

huisia said...

Oh, seems like Spiderman is his hero now..

laundryamah said...

hahaha,,i know what u mean..kieran keeps asking me questions too, even when we are watching the chinese serials, he will ask why liddat, how come..bla bla bla...

twin said...

yeah yeah my girl does the same .. ask over and over again ... non-stop. And now my boy also does the same. he'll ask the word "y" .. and its endless!

Tracy said...

Wah, BB is so 'cheong hei' leh. I guess kids are like dat. They tend to repeat and repeat until u give in.

jazzmint said... more red one lah, you still ask, mommy gonna see red soon kekeke...seems like he can't wait to see the spiderman

Allyfeel said...


Yalor but even so I still love those warm body contact with bb. :)

yup. Spiderman, the red one is haunting him now. :P

Kieran lagi keng, can understand ke those chinese serials? Wah...I like bb to teman me watch also but minus the inquisitive questions.

Well, I guess it's better they ask and learn than not asking anything at all. :)

Yalor...but it's cute though, I like it that way.

He ask where is the red one even Spiderman is right in front of him. :) I think he loves the attention from me.

michelle said...

Just tell him, the red one went to sleep. We shall not disturb him, later he gets angry...hehehe. Play along and create stories. They will buy it.

Ricket said...
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Ricket said...

When they like it, they can watch over and over again. My 2 year old Ally likes to watch a certain vcd during her meal time, refuse to eat without it. (spoiled by my maid)