Friday, August 11, 2006

Hum Jin Peng - Popular Chinese Snack

OooOoo hoT hOT HOT…“Hum Jin Peng” ...

Do you know where this is? I have been eating “Hum Jin Peng” since young and have never tasted the one that is as nice as this stall. It was a small stall in front of a Chow Yang
hawker centre, near a nasi Kandar restaurant. It always filled with people from all lifestyles waiting to savour this super yummylicious Chinese snack.

Owner looks middle age, wore a silver tiny earring on his left ear. He has his son and wife as helper. The son will write down our orders in a book to keep track of the amount. “6 sweet, 4 rice one”, daddy placed his order. These snacks are so popular that the moment he scoped it up from the wok, it will be distribute to fulfilled orders. I personally love the one with sweet red bean. Bb gobbled up one and a half piece as supper too. Daddy can’t wait to eat em, he urged me to feed him while he was driving.

I think he only operates at night and only on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We went there around 9:30pm.

Bb looked on to the sifu making dough on the spot for frying.


Egghead said...

I like those with "dao sa" one :)

Zara's Mama said...

I tried this stall before too.. Not bad.

I normally check their oil first.. if it's too black.. I'll not buy from them, but this stalls seem quite ok.

Aaah.. now I'm craving for one.

MyLittleChampion said...

wow... i want them now!!! i love the 'ma geok'.. the smaller version of 'oil fried ghost' but with sesame seed and tasted a little bit sweet...

geetha said...

Hey, I love those too. I used to get it in SS3, PJ before.. but not anymore. I don't know where we can get those in PJ area.. so sad :(

Hijackqueen said...

I love those with cinnamon or was it five spice powder? But I don't buy from stalls that have a kopi-O colour.

AsleyLee said...

I love it too!
But i found that the past time's tasted was more more delicious than nowadays one.

Allyfeel said...

yea..I love those too. :)

zara's mama,
haaa...ask daddy to go buy for you.

That's one of my favourite too. Unfotunately this guy don't do much of ma geok. It always run out fast.

I got this in ss2 area. Very near to Damansara utama.

Hi, thanks for visiting.
Neither do I. I think it's 5 spice powder.

Hui sia,
Ya ya..but try this guy. You have to watch him make and eat it on the spot. Whao!!! :P

LaundryAmah said...

i know a terror yummylicious stall selling the ham chim peng + yau char kuey on Old Klang Road, opposite the Taman Desa Fire Brigade! Open only about 4pm - 6+pm

babykhong said...

Ya..I've tried that once before. Need to queue up somemore. Good business. Nice and yummy!