Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hello Everybody!

HELLO EVERYBODY!!! This is what Bb greets his daddy and me when we arrive home. To be precise when he sees me, he greets HELLO MOMMY, with his daddy he says HELLO PA PA. A warm welcome home completes our day perfectly. That is one good side of him, always cheerful to see us.

However, I recently experienced very intense scolding with alien words from him during one play session at home. I was speechless. What can I say? I wasn’t there with him 24/7 to nurture and correct him. Sometimes I really am not sure and don’t know how to teach him. Treat him as a friend advising him not to do that sort of scolding before sleeps is the only choice left. Therefore, I take advantage of the quiet nighttime to talk to him and drill good manners in his head before he sleeps. Not sure if he fully understands, I get pretty positive feedback from him like nodding, yea-s and oh-s.

During the weekend, we took bb to a neighbourhood express haircut saloon. There is a prepaid machine, we deposited RM12 before getting an express cut; my gut feeling told me that bb is gonna give me trouble. True enough, when his turn come, he sat quietly letting the girl messed with his hair but it only last for a few minutes before started pulling off the plastic cover around his neck and helped himself jumping down from the high chair. To be frank, it was the first time we took him for a haircut. We had to forgo the cut, as it was impossible to keep him sitting still. Perhaps I need to ask mil for her strategy. My treat of McD ice cream doesn’t work. *Clueless mommy*

We took him to Tien Hou temple for an exhibition of Kuan yin's sculpture sometime ago. Check out the way he posed? :)


Egghead said...

not bad mah the hair cut :)
my son also likes to use the word "everybody"...

blinka.Li said...

so when r u drilling chinese into him? start with some drawings first la since he loves painting and drawing. Chinese is a pictorial language ma. His pose? Energetic and witty! :)

Jesslyn said...

first hair cut? then who cut his hair previously?
I heard boys more sturborn than girl, be patient ya!

geetha said...

I had problems during hair cut sessions too. Every time, Champion refuses to sit. Last weekend, he didn't mind it :)

Same same.. Champion said "Hi everybody" with his hand waving to all when he woke Saturday morning. Everyone was getting ready to leave to St. Anne's feast when he saw them all together :)

Zara's Mama said...

1st time haircut?? then how come his hair so nice and short one?

tell us la..what he said in his scolding session?

mom2ashley said...

he's such a big boy now..(from his pictures)

MyLittleChampion said...

he he, then i am a proud mommy cos oscar never have problem with 'uncle charles' the aneh-hair saloon... wait for my post on oscar's hair cut ah...

1+2mom said...

Haha..boy very hard to let them sit still, but luckily my son like to cut hair. He can sit still when he turn 1 year old. All my kids can sit still when bring them go cut hair :)

AsleyLee said...

He knows how to pose, huh?

I used to brain washing for Jo before he sleeps too, at least he would nod his head so i treat he is agreed.

jazzmint said...

it's always so heartwarming to be greeted by our kids when we go home huh...

hehe why his dragon photo pose so cute one :P

hmm..maybe give him a book to read while cutting hair?

Ricket said...

Only RM12 for a hair cut??? Here Singapore cut S$10 (RM23)is the cheapest... killer.

My younger daughter screams when the hairdresser starts cutting...

Elaine said...

Very handsome boy you have :P

Love the cartoon you have on the header. So cute! You and your son?

How did you do it?

Hijackqueen said...

For little kids, I prefer to carry them in my arm. A bit messy but that's the only best way to do it. The kids will feel more secure that way. Remember not to use a electric razor as kids are afraid of the buzzing noise.

Allyfeel said...

That's before he has the hair cut. I snip snip for him one.
So cute hor when they said it. :),
Before I sempat to draw anything, I am afraid he already take over my pen to scribble. :)

First hair cut with us parents. Usually my mother in law bring him to cut one. but looks like this little fellow doesn't like mommy's company.

He can't stand not to look as handsome as his brother. Kekekeke....

Zara's Mama,
I also cannot understand. How to tell...Hehehe...

yup... looks tall in person as well.

Lucky you.

another lucky one. What's the secret? Care to share?

Hui sia,
Yaya...I believe in dealling with subconcious mind. :P

I wish he can be si si mun mun and sit down quietly, read book. *sigh*

Well, you can opt to bring them here to cut there hair. :)

Yes, it's me and my son. I drew it on a chinese painting paper with ink pen and scan it to color in photoshop. :)

My mom in law used to do that for bb. I guess that's why he feels better snipping his hair with Mil. He seems to be okay with that razor sound. Thanks for the advise.