Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bb is sick

A day after visiting the Zoo bb fell sick, not because of the zoo, I hope not. When he came back from Mil’s house, he was perfectly okay except he slept extraordinary early at 9pm. I thought may be bb is tired and wanted to rest early.

I then went down to watch some show, after a disc, I headed back to the room and checked on him. OMG! He was like a pot of hot kettle. I grabbed a thermometer to check, it showed 38.4 degree, freaked out, I called hubby to help out with medicine while I sponged him. His face was rosy red, eyes still closed. As usual refused medicine, cry out loud but settled with a bottle of water and as active, played with the thermometer. He then purged watery stool. I monitored him the entire night just to make sure he was okay as he has history of fever as high as 40 degree and was admitted to hospital for 3 days in 2004. I was worried sick.

I took a day of on Wednesday to send him to the pediatrician, just to make sure he was free of any ulcers or infections. He was as active and as mischievous as usual, trying to communicate his baby words to strangers, smiling all the time with nurses, running around non-stop, kicking the Christmas ornaments on the tree with his powerful leg.

After chatted with the lady Dr, I brought bb back to mil house to grab some porridge that she has cooked before she went out for her weekly entertainment – “Mah Jong”. Sri fed bb the porridge in the car. He took a few spoonfuls of them. My maid called “madam, tengok (See)”, she was giggling, bb fell asleep with porridge still in his mouth, hahaha! Sri and myself giggled non-stop, bb must have heard it, he opened a bit of his eyes, gave us a smile and fell back to sleep, his head was hovering around before it rested on the car seat.

Bb spent the entire day at home watching his favorite show my neighbor Totoro, his current favorite “kipper the dog”.

I am back to work today. I hope he is better already; I don’t like that butterfly in the stomach feeling. Now, I am down with flu and sore throat pula.

Bb mommy loves you a lot! Lots of Kisses….mmuuuuuuaaaahhh, get well soon.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Zoo

Hubby wanted to go for shopping but I was so very sick of it. I prefer some nature outings. I suggested the butterfly park as the bird park in Lake Garden was quite good the last time we went.

We drove all the way there. When we arrived at the entrance, the butterfly park did not look all interesting and it was a bit small. Hubby made another suggestion to head to the zoo. Bb was sleeping at that time, so eventually we decided zoo it was. It was a second trip to the zoo this year alone.

This time bb has more awareness, he could recognize more animals. He fed carrot to the deer, wanted to touch the camel badly, climbed up the ape man signboard like an ape, calling out the bus in the zoo, running loosely like a wild cat. There was this one instance when we were resting at one of the bus stand in the zoo. A 5 or 6yr old kid was having his Mamee snack, the kid was making some sign to bb and bb took out a strip of Mamee and put it in his mouth. OMG! When did he have a strip of Mamee with him? It’s too late to stop him and I don’t want to be seen as rude in front of the kid’s parents. When the bus arrived, he waved bye bye to the elder kid without me telling him to. Kids do have their way of communicating, it surprised me sometimes!

Malaysia zoo is still pretty much a third world one, sorry to say that but I really hope one day they could be on par with the Taronga zoo in Sydney or any other better zoo in the world. Parents, let’s keep our fingers cross.

Nevertheless, it was quite a satisfying trip as we sweat and exercise a teeny bit. At least it’s much much better than shopping in a congested mall.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Merry Joy
May the New Year brings you lotsa love, joy, health and wealth.

Merry Dear

Friday, December 23, 2005


Bb was not around when I reached home. Fil brought him out to grab the evening newspaper at one of the near by sundry shop.

When he reached home, he called me and kept pointing his fingers to his teeth and relating his story to me.

Oh…poor boy, he has sweet stuck in between his two front teeth.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The little chef

Here is BB, the little chef.

“Cling, clang, cling, clang….”

BB what are you cooking?

"Egg......." ^__^

Monday, December 19, 2005

Mr. Sun

I had to send bb to mil house today as Fil is not able to pick him up this morning. There is this lovely Mr. Sun shining on his face and body. The little fellow called his kakak, “kak, Sun” asked her to cover the sun with his little security blanket while his head bent down a little to prevent the sun from hitting his face directly.

He definitely got this from me. I hate to be hit by the sun directly too. It’s just so uneasy, I reacted naturally. If I recalled correctly, when he was in my tummy, he would move away rudely creating commotion in my tummy when there was sun hitting towards my big tummy. Weird hah! Wonder does this happen to other baby and toddler too?

He grabbed his milk and a “Totoro” VCD that I just bought for him while sitting in his car seat. He loves this Totoro bear so much that he kept calling Totoro, Totoro, Totoro as if he is calling his best pal. Surprisingly, he loves this show and able to sit for quite some time concentrating on the story.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Long overdue project

Few weeks ago, I stumbled upon my long overdue project in the store room.

Know what is this?

Hehe… It was my first attempt to make soap from scratch. It’s been almost a year ago. After finishing them, I just left it there to age. Little did I know that a short period of age turned out to be a year? This is best described with the Malay proverb “Hangat hangat tahi ayam”. *Embarrassed smile*

I was very excited over this project. It took me quite a while to get the one very important element for the soap saponification process. That’s Sodium Hydroxide.

Earlier on when I was working in KL, I used to frequent KLCC’s Kinokuniya for soap making book. After reading them for a while, I started experiment it. After a long period of searching, thanks to Ah-li my friend, who directed me to the right person who is working along this soap making line; she gave me some sodium sample, of coz it’s the diluted version, I had to play around with the water amount. It’s not easy to come by this sodium coz one needs to apply for a license from Ministry of Health in order to use it.

I started with a basic three oil soap.

Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
Sodium Hydroxide.

It was very fun seeing it forming harder and harder becoming soap. I didn’t add in enough fragrant for this batch as it was my first attempt. It turns out to smell like “ah-ne-ne” soap. Hahaha!

This is how the final soap looked like after packaging.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

An Early Learning Centre?

Mil sent bb to a trial Early Learning Centre class yesterday morning. I think it was about half and hour. She told me that instead of admitted bb to the 2-yr plus class, he was being introduced to a 3 yr old class because there was a 2 yr old girl who will make a big fuss out of stranger. She will scream and refuse any kid other than her own friend to join the class.

So bb was in the 3yr plus class and he shook hands with about 20 kids in the class like a big shot and VIP according to mil. What a waste I wasn’t there to witness the historical moment. He joined them for some activities, he also commented on people’s slide “NOT NICE” to play. *speechless* Even so, according to mil he had great fun and pointed to go back to the class as there were leaving the centre.

Later of the day, he was like a chatterbox yakking non stop. He spoke to his father over the phone, mentioning every single thing that he could see around him.

My Mil siap siap ambil the registration form home also. Whao…..registration per year 180, material fees per year 280, and the cheapest half a day class is from 9 to 11:30, Monday to Friday and it cost 300 per month. All in all if he is to enroll to this ELC class, first time payment would be the handsome amount of RM760. Umm…scratch head. Does he need this at such young age? Do we want to start paying all these expensive fees this early? But then again, it’s kind of fun to see him enjoying himself and open up more to socialize. I have yet to discuss this with hubby. I guess meanwhile we can just let him go for trial classes first.

How did mil know about these classes one? Oh… her exercise friend told her so. They send their grandchild there. No wonder!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A free conversation

This is a conversation between me and Metria. Look how free is this woman. :)

Metria says:
eh nowadays i play blogshares

Metria says:

Metria says:
then i bought ur blog shares

allyfeel says:
what ???

Metria says:
it's a virtual trading game for blogs

allyfeel says:
walau eh...then u must have lose money la

allyfeel says:
cause my blog not worth anything one

allyfeel says:
where is it la?

allyfeel says:
blog abt it to educate us a bit

Metria says:

Metria says:
no ur blog is worth something now

Metria says:
cos i bought and sold

Metria says:
i strarted with $500

Metria says:
now i got over a million

Metria says:
hahahaha wish it was real

allyfeel says:
hahaha....that's very interesting

allyfeel says:
how much does ur blog worth now??

allyfeel says:
ya men, then u can shake legs and no need to work

Metria says:
ur shares were $0.20 each but now thanks to me it's $4.73 each

Metria says:
my blog is $10.38 per share

allyfeel says: high

Metria says:
actually i got a million cos some stranger gave me some free shares

allyfeel says:
if only it's real

Metria says:
turned out to be worth over a million

allyfeel says:
any posibility of making it real?

Metria says:
hah! i wish man

Monday, December 12, 2005

Activities with bb on weekend

It was a usual weekend but hubby was working on Saturday leaving bb and I at home. I cooked for bb, what did I cook har….err…oh ya...dry oyster and scallop herbal soup with Spiralli. I am glad that he ate 2 small bowls of them. We stayed home the entire day sleeping and playing together.

I printed out some color foot prints and played walking while calling out colors with him.

We went out to have steam boat dinner later when hubby came back. On the way to the restaurant, bb got so excited when he saw a Santa Claus giving out free gift. “ta claus, ta claus” he pointed. He Kept looking at Mr. Santa, he adored him so much.

He ran around in the restaurant disturbing all the ladies, seeking attention. Yes, only ladies. *rolled eyes* He saw a nice girl in the restaurant and started tailing her. Hubby said, when he grows up, he might be a good girl chaser. Huh? *Mommy Headache liao* Please don’t la, if he brings different girl come back to sleep every weekend, I will pengsan lol.

On Sunday, I brought bb to a morning explorer class. He has been upgraded from a walker class to an explorer class which he will be taught imagination.

I guess it’s a good timing now as he has started imagining with his grandma at home. He would park his bicycle and go towards the wooden door and use his thumb and index finger from both hands to grab food for grandma and his doggie and feed them to their mouth. Now, he is even cheekier by putting all the food to his own mouth only. What a selfish little boy, never want to share with us his food except his doggie.

Another skill is imitating me again. This time he will imitate me praying. He will take joss stick from the drawer himself and wanted me to light it. I will just pretend to light it; he is ok by pretending as well, never demand to actually light it up. He will mimic everything from kneeling to mumbling words to bowing and put the unlighted joss stick back on his own. *smile*

Friday, December 09, 2005

Naughty cakes

Hahaha...I reckon it would be really fun to have kinky cakes like these for our wedding or anniversary. Fuyooi…

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Mommy's pants

This morning, when bb woke up I was in the toilet and quickly went out to see him, papa already held him and getting ready to bring him to the maid. His tears rolled down, his hand reached out for me and cried so loud. Later when I asked him to kiss me good bye, he refused. I said, bb being naughty. “Who naughty?” I asked. He said “mommy”.

Mommy, carry
Wait, mommy wants to go to the toilet first
Mommy…clang on to me and pull my pants
Hey bb, don’t pull mommy’s pants…dropping…dropping…by the time I realized, my pants already drop half exposing my pink undie. Aiyooo, so malu la! Luckily there are only mil and hubby around at that time.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Crazy weekend

Weekend was crazy. We attended my friend’s wedding party on Friday, a friend’s 1yr-old daughter’s birthday party on Saturday night, my friend’s wedding ceremony on Sunday morning, BB cousin’s full moon party on Sunday afternoon, a wedding dinner on Sunday. Phew! I can hardly breathe. I was deprived of sleep and brain dead. My body wasn’t belonging and listened to me on Monday. I was so blur the whole day.

Slept at 9pm yesterday, feeling much better today. Sometimes I am so busy that I can’t remember whether I have been to the loo for big business or not. After so much food over the weekend, usually I will clean my colon by taking fiber, so I took Phyto Fiber.

I was a bit delighted as bb has been a good boy when we brought him to dinner. He played with my friend’s boy and didn’t bother me so much. I was enjoying my food and my chatting with friends. Hope this will last long.

I had just finished a wedding presentation for my best friend’s brother. His wedding is on this Saturday. Aiyo…broke again this month. The amount of ang pow money that I have to give, causing me ache in my heart and purse.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Chickadee vases

How nice if I have these pair of Glass Bird Vases for Christmas. :)
Wonder if Malaysia sells them?

MyKad day

Finally, I have had my MyKad made. It’s been quite a while since we wanted to arrange a time for it. It’s either hubby is not free or I can’t make it.

I woke up at 5:45am, after taking my shower, I woke hubby up and then BB woke up as well around 6:45am. After sending BB to Mil house, we headed straight to Maju Junction, reached there about 7:30am. To my surprise, there are only a few people queuing. I thought, may be it’s a good day la. We waited for about 15 minutes and some pegawai arrived and I overheard one uncle talked to a well dress lady, “you buat IC ke? Turun bawah” "Oh Shit” Me and hubby quickly drove down to lower level. Whao…the queue is quite long already. We both got no 3122 & 23. We waited for about 21/2 hours before our turn. We had lunch and a little shopping. My tummy was very upset the whole journey home, it must be the food I ate. When I got home, I puked out all I ate. Eeewww… disgusting but felt much better.

Rested for a while and went out again to get something done. Reached home around 5pm, bought food for the family, waited for BB to come home, had dinner, gone to sleep at 8pm. Haha, can you believe it? I got up at 2am again to transfer some files, preparing a wedding presentation for a friend’s brother. Went back to sleep again at 3am. My throat was dry and painful this morning, must be the puking that caused the pain. Arrr, where is my 100 plus??