Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Can I have a Hug please?

God Made Heaven, bigphoto

Mi: “Darling, I am feeling very empty…” hugging hubby while he was watching his all time favorite sitcom FRIENDS.

Hubby: “Is it because BB is not around?”

Mi: “No, I just feel empty and useless…I have lost my zest to work in a high profile job…”

Hubby kept quiet, he patted me and gently glides his fingers down my hair.

Mi: “Can I have a hug hug standing up please?”

We hugged tight and kissed each other good night.

A simple physical console is more then enough for women; men don’t have to fix things all the time. Being a good listener is God made Heaven.


Greenapple said...

ahh, what a nice moment. I can't help but to agree with you ...

See Fei said...

couldnt agree more with what you say. only if we men know how to express our gratitude to our life partner...

maybe i can get some tips from this blog. :-)