Monday, August 22, 2005

Spirit of Humanity

I have created this postcard after the Tzunamai Disaster for creative postcard club US. All rights reserved, ally's hang out. Posted by Picasa

To be frank, I was stuck and had no idea which theme or concept to use for this postcard design. The year of 2004 was a turbulent year. There were many disasters happening in Asia and other parts of the world. Our so called neighbors lost their loved ones, their homes, they have no clean clothes to wear, no food to eat, and their hearts are deeply broken. How do you feel while sitting on the couch watching TV, playing soccer in the field, drinking clean water or showering with essential oil cleanser on your skin? What have you done to console?

During this period of time I came across this organization called Tzu Chi by Dharma master Cheng Yen, I was inspired by what they have done to help the victims, truly amazing!

Master Cheng Yen: “A stream of purity which started out as but a drop was able to grow & sip into every corner of the world purifying human hearts and transforming the turbulent minds of people in this world. To do this, the spirit of humanity is needed.”

To know more about Tzu Chi and their activities please log on to Tzuchi Malaysia, Tzuchi Malaysia Internet News

The postcard was design with the mixed feelings in my heart. I wanted to help and I took the first step by donating some money and also getting involved in the activities to help. I hope you can too! Let's spread the loving kindness to the world.

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