Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Baby's Diaper

Why didn’t BB let me change his diaper? Whenever my maid or I tried to change his diaper, he will scream and throw tantrum to protest as if the diaper is something so precious that no one is allow to snatch it away from him. I am having headache here, the diaper is so full and smelly already and yet he still wanted to keep it close to his “ku ku bird”, sigh….

The only way I can get him out of his diaper is to invite him for a “pom pom” (a little bath). He will smile very happily and follow me upstairs to his tub. As usual he will ask for his bathing duck, crab and octopus. BB will splash water, pour water to his own body and also towards his little brother to awaken him. Gosh!!!... “ BB, come mummy will scratch scratch your head, scratchy scratchy…clean clean…” to divert his attention.

Now it’s time to “upie up BB, come on…” BB will scream and hold on tightly to his tub and refuse to come up. Well, while he holds tightly to his tub I will tilt the tub with him inside & pour the water away. He will be furious and cry non stop at least for the next 10 minutes. Well, as I am smarter now, I will give him a wet cloth and tell him “come BB, help mummy wipe wipe the sliding door”. Looking at the damp cloth, there is no way for him to resist. He will wipe up and down the sliding door. Hehe….” ok, now come outside and help mummy wipe wipe the table”. While he is busy wiping, I will be putting on lotion, powder, CLEAN diaper, shirt and pants. Bravo!!! I am done. Hell of a work.

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