Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A naughty shoe

Bang, bang, bang…. eh…what is the little boy doing again?

Apparently, he showed off his new shoe by kicking it at the back of the left passenger seat in grandpa’s car. He told grandma that the shoe on the left is naughty, it keeps kicking the seat but the right shoe is good and quiet. Grandma then asked, “This leg naughty, can I beat beat?” He said “No” protectively. He is very imaginative now and sometimes he laughs and talks to himself. I guess he is at the phase of having imaginative friends.


He locked himself in his grandpa’s car at the garage. When grandpa asked to unlock the door, he accidentally pushed the gear and the car moved while he was inside. Gosh! Luckily, it stopped before hitting anywhere or anyone. He was shocked and appeared stone. Sri brought him water to calm him down. I think he realized it was dangerous after that terrifying incident.

Photo taken on Sunday in Sunway Lagoon.