Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Does your man prefer you to dress sexily?

I work in a place where there are loads of hot babes to cucimata with everyday. Girls with skimpy dresses, hot shapely figures and angelic faces not only make heads turn but body turns 360 degree even after they had left a scene. I would say it is a men’s heaven. If my hubby is to work in a place like this, I think he will feel syiok syiok too and I will have lots of stress worrying about the free shows and ice-cream licking scenes he experiences daily.

I can't stand sometimes seeing party looking attire during office hour, does anyone fancy girl in super tight pants coupled with skimpy tube top and cleavage? Or low cut spaghetti straps with all kinds of cup sizes? They are plenty here. It’s not that I don’t dress up like this but perhaps not during office hour. I mean seeing it once in a while is really refreshing la but everyday seeing the same half revealing bouncing thingy…wah..sakit mata ler… (Pardon me if you dress like that everyday, perhaps you could share with me your stories behind dressing revealingly)

I think some women would understand what I meant. Those sexy looking cloths are usually very uncomfortable; nice to look, not nice to wear. I really salute people who do not mind breath taking super tight outfit through out the entire working hours. I know some girls even have infection wearing tight fitting pants all day long. Of coz la…your there have not enough air to breath ma…

Most men like to see their women look stunningly sexy. My man is one of them, I will get comments like “Ei…you don’t look good on that top la, got tighter one or not?” *Rolled eyes* “Got, but it will show my tummy…okay arr?” my usual reply.
Now that I have a kid, I have more excuses to dress comfortably. “Ai..not convenient la, have to carry bb, cannot wear too sexy, later Chao Kwong…”

Despite all those comments above, I still dress up for my men occasionally just to satisfy his needs while enjoying his praises. Heh! After all, we “Xi Lai (married women)” still got assets one.

A question:

Women, does your man prefer you to dress sexily?
Men, why do you like your women to dress sexily?


Anonymous said...

My man definitely will NOT encourage me to dress sexily.... But put a sexily dressed lady in front and him and he'll stare. Not only that, he'll then make some silly comments.

babykhong said...

My man doesn't mind if I dress sexily as long as I look nice and comfortable myself. However, I seldom dress sexily. Especially after our baby was born, very difficult to sling/breastfeed the baby with a tight clothes mahh...hehehe.

As long as hubby doesn't complain, who cares.

Egghead said...

it's our nature mah! LOL!
when can I get an interview to your company ah? does your company need to hire a stare-master? :P

mumsgather said...

Wah, cuci mata haven ah your office? Which company hah? (So that hubby doesn't go and work there.) Hahaha.

Jesslyn said...

My men only allow me wear sexily if going out with office: No No NO...anyway, now my office staff have to wear uniform,he no longer worry that! :P

Staring never mind lar, as long as no "touch" the girls! LOL

blinka.Li said...

he does not mind but will comment if the occasion is not right. :)

geetha said...

I wouldn't want to work in that environment too.. Can be irritating!

I would try to dress differently from my work attire, too have a change. If not be boring mah.. but he wouldn't request much (except once in a blue moon!)

Anonymous said...

My man love me to dress sexily but only limit at home! But, what for to dress sexily at home? Naked not better than dress sexily?!

So, i seldom dress sexily, maybe myself don't have a good body shape too. :<

jazzmint said...

my man won't mind me dressing sexily but since got kids seldom lah especially when gotta carry them, very easy chow kuong oo...

usually when i dress something different or wears a new dress, I will ask him nice ah, then he says nice oso lah sometimes, sometimes just say OK lah *grrr*

but office shouldn't lah..make everyone cant concentrate worknig only haha

leecs said...

wah, nose bleeding now...

yeah, can not concentrate on work leh, BUT it does motivate to work KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKE


Anonymous said...

:)So far my hub's din complain much bout my dressing as u said he will look at those passing by wif sexy outfit. Can I know which co. u are attached to?

Allyfeel said...

baby smooches, friends once told me that her husband always stare at other pretty and sexy girls when they go shopping. So she came out with a theory, in order to feel good yourself, dress to kill and let other men admire you when you are with your men. Make him jealous...kekekeke. :P

You are so lucky. :)

sorry neh...they are already plenty of hum sup stare-master in this area and secondly it's not the company I worked with but company opposite mine. Haha!

ask your man to stay away from Damansara heights. :P

Uniform sounds good hor? No need to worry about what to wear every morning.

Some men really give out nasty stares wor...but again if wear sexy sure ppl stare what... :P,
I think most men think that they are our fashion consultant hor?

Yalor we need to cater to their wild needs sometimes hor? hahahaha!

Dress sexily at home bed time ke?
I think most men think 落影落现 very exciting ler, that's why those sexy lingerie shop can make money ma...:)

yalor...but sometimes I never ask for his opinion if I know he won't like what I wear, just syiok sendiri wearing enough. kekeke!

haha...really girl also nose bleed sometimes. Men is still men hor, I once heard my friend's mil friend said "which cat don't eat fish one?"

Desperate mummy,
It's a taboo to mention company name in a blog ler. Anyway, it's my neighbour office I work in has a lot of sexy girls, not mine. :P

mom2as said...

mine doesnt comment much - is that bad??? one thing is for sure...i wear less heels when i go out on the weekends.....too troublesome to walk around with ashley in heels.

Anonymous said...

i used to work in a lingerie company. And the girls dressed like how u described earlier. Sometimes the Boobs Like wanna fall out. For mine, dress sexy or not also the comment. Smart man ma..wanna die meh?

Zara's Mama said...

Mine.. conservative one.. he'll say something like "not cold ah? dress like this"

Now with Zara, who's also very conservative.. she'll say, "mummy cannot go out like that.. Show stomach" :P

laundryamah said...

hahaha,,,u must b working in advertising firm leh...yah the girls memang happening..hmm my hubby likes me dressing sexily but he's also afraid i chow kong! *slap forehead* he'll try to pull down when he thinks it's short or pull up when he thinks it's too revealing! ayoooooo..

Contented Mum said...

Hubby conservative, don't like me to wear sessy at all!!

Allyfeel said...

Of coz not. In fact I think it's nice, he accepted the way you are.

I hardly wear heels nowadays too.

Thanks for stopping by. :) got yourself a well trained man over there.

zara's mama, also got influnce from the father. Guess what? Bb is totally opposite, he is like the father. He will tell me a cardigan is yucks and don't allow me to wear it.

I don't work there, I work near them :) men ar...sometimes so contradictory one hor? :P

contented mum, it? Very rare species.

Julian said...

Can dress sexily but with a limit lor. My wife dress sexy for me to see rather than my eyes go wandering somewhere else right? :P

Allyfeel said...

Sure or not even ur wife dress sexily, ur eyes won't wonder??? :P