Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Car Boot

FIL told me last night that bb has learnt to unlock the car boot from the driver’s seat. He would then go so curiously, stretching his head around and scanning into that dark and stuffy car boot. Fil was afraid of him locking himself accidentally in it. So all adults at home are warned to lock all cars even when we are at home to avoid any accident.

Come to think about it, it’s quite dangerous if he locks himself in it and nobody knows. With scorching sun in Malaysia, it’s gonna be real dangerous, Phew! If your kids likes to play around with cars like bb, I mean real adult’s car, just take extra care and precautions.


Zara's Mama said...

Wow.. dangerous.. but someone will know if he's missing right?? I mean IF..

I'll remind myself not to teach Zara how to open the car boot.

mom2ashley said...

yea i've heard of so many accidents when kids get trapped in the car in the middle of the afternoon and get killed because of the heat

jazzmint said...

wow dangerous...lucky ur FIL notice, so gotta be extra careful

michelle said...

I scold/beat my children if they touched any locks of the car, door locks, boot locks or anything. Now they dare not touch it. Yeah have to becareful.

huisia said...'s dangerous

laundryamah said...

ya man..btw..long time no hear..

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Ricket said...

Wha... I can't imagine if it happened. That will be very dangerous.