Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review of Dianna Booher Book | Creating Personal Presence

Read from The Star paper today about Creating Personal Presence by Dianna Booher. It's really interesting. I even downloaded her free 1st chapter. What she said is so true, here is the excerpt:

Take Notice of the Tangibles
You don’t have to be good-looking, but that perception helps. What’s good-looking? Forget movie-star looks. Here’s what most cultures consider attractive: a symmetrical face, a proportionately sized body, clear skin, healthy hair, and straight teeth. 

Physical attractiveness results in a fatter paycheck. Particularly, taller people earn more money than shorter people. For both men and women, a 1-inch increase brings a 1.4–2.9 percent higher paycheck. For men, a 4-inch differential in height amounts to a 9.2 percent increase in earnings. According to Arianne Cohen, in The Tall Book, tall people earn $789 more per inch per year.

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