Thursday, May 24, 2012

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As a Chinese, I grew up believing that the number “4” is not a very good number, in fact it’s bad luck. In buildings, number 4 will be changed to No. 3A. House number 44 will be changed to 43A. Car number plate of 44 can only be seen carried by other races, not Chinese. The number ‘4’ in Chinese –Cantonese/Mandarin/ Hokkien/Hakka means “死death.”

However, all over the world, you can see some minority of wealthy Chinese carried the number 4 in everything - car number plate, house number, office address, phone number so on and so forth. The question is, if it’s death or bad luck for them, how did they accumulate so much wealth?

That made me curious. I started researching about the science of numbers. It leads me to numerology. A friend of mine recommended a numerologist (I didn’t know the term then); I had my appointment booked, waiting list of 2 weeks. I was jobless at that time, no income, has plenty of time, very little money and desperate to know my destiny. I was open for anything.

When I arrived, I could see people queuing, some sitting on huge couch reading magazine, waiting patiently, a couple of young adults browsing for crystals displayed at a corner near to the numerologist. When it’s my turn, I was lead to an entrance of a refreshing garden; there was a room at a corner with heavy dark drapes. I unveiled the dark drapes to enter to a dim room with pictures of skies and stars. I sat down, Doris asked for my given name, frequently used name and date of birth. She pen down all these details in a writing book. She started calculating the combination of my name and numbers. She said, everyone is born with a destined number, it’s just like your identity card, and you have it for life. It follows you the moment you were born. I nodded.

Your life path number is “4” and “1”, better stay in a house that is “44”.
“Huh?” I was a bit stunt, disbelieve. Get a car number plate with “combination of “4 and 1.” I was already shaking my head violently at that point.  She mentioned a few more things. She also said that people with lifeline of 4 usually love number 8 and number 8 is bad for them, she uttered.

I was thinking, what if it’s true that these are all the good things that I have missed out?

Later, I told hubby about all that and guess what? He scolded me and asks me to forget about those stupid things. Feeling unhappy after getting scolded but had no choice other than trying to forget about it but deep down inside me, I wanted to try.

Few weeks later, I embraced the newly added character in my numerology name Doris help calculated. I got a few jobs offer. I took the one with better benefits and nearest to home. And one thing lead to another, I am getting my new car; my new office is located on level 3A. (4). I wanted a car number plate that is combination of 4 and 1. Husband refused but he bet on magnum (lotto) and to my and his own surprise, the number 4 and 1 strike and he won some money. He decided to pay for the customised number.

If you have been curious about numerology and want to improve your life, relationship or financial situation, try this personal free numerology calculation report to understand yourself better, get some guidance and hopefully some good changes will be on its way to you. Good Luck!


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