Thursday, May 31, 2007

How to protect your precious boat

Do you own a boat? I do not but I love riding on one. Enjoying the sunshine and relaxing breeze. Nice! For boat lovers, I am sure your boat is the most precious possession among others. Have you already taken the right steps to care and maintain your proud darling?

If not, it is about time to start considering. Boat Covers Advice has some valuable tips to help you get started. If you are new, try features. It is a general preview of knowledge to choose the right cover for boat protection. They are so many different materials and brand available. Knowledge and understanding of each is vital before investing in a good cover that fits the job well and help you save more eventually from boat decay. For more info about maintenance, click here.

According to boat cover advice, it is best to have a custom fit cover tailor made to your boat’s size and shape. Do take into consideration of confident seller who provide longer warranty period.

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Jing Si Aphorism

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Innovative CRM

An estimated 80% of all lost sales are caused by neglect of Lead. AIMpromote, innovative CRM package has many creative features to help you solve this problem in your business. For instance, Lead Attention Meter™, was created to provide a quick way to see how much neglect a lead is receiving. They have attention meter in Green, Yellow and Red. When a lead is neglected over time, it will turn to red. That means it is on alert, a speedy attention is needed to address the leads.

Besides that, AIMpromote provides visitor tracking with every single detail of every visitor that comes to your site. It offers detail reports on what browser, screen resolution, media players your visitor are using. When you have all specific information about your visitor, about what they searched for, you could easily tailor your site to satisfy their needs.

Check out these other creative features as well: Lead Attention Meter™, Sales Management , Sales Force Automation , Lead Reseller System , Campaign Tracking , Custom Lead List , Visitor Tracking , Importing / Exporting , Private Labelling , Automatic Lead Distribution , Mortgage Lead Management.

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Vegetarian Lunch in Petaling Street, Malaysia

I was in this Buddhist bookstore cum café called 白云书房 in Petaling Street 2 weeks ago. It was a very serene place in the heart of messy China town. A well designed theme of nature with wood furniture and a spacious hall with plenty of books at one part of the café. The café served only vegetarian food. It has “all you can eat buffet” on the first and 15th of the month in lunar calendar. Otherwise, a plate of standard vegetarian with three dishes, fragrant brown rice and a soup cost RM7. Service is okay, the counter girl wasn’t very friendly as I expected of most typical Buddhist. I recon, it would help a lot if she smiles more.

They claim that food is organic, less salt and NO MSG. If you are interested, go to Petaling Street where Purple Cane teahouse is. They are situated on 2nd floor at a row of shop houses behind Purple Cane teahouse’s building.

Address: No.6 2nd Floor Jalan Panggong Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan 50000, Malaysia

Fancy a HOT and SIZZLING date with Mirelly Taylor?

Do you fancy a HOT and SIZZLING date with Mirelly Taylor, is giving you a HOT chance to win a date with this celebrity.

Mirelly Taylor,a sexy actress who has appeared on movies such as “Las Vegas”, “Punk’d”, and “Numb3rs”. You could check out her video and see what she wants in a man. Wohoo, she likes a man who is a good kisser or sucker. Haha! Are you a good sucker? If the answer is yes, go and seduce her with your creative video, who knows what surprises she will give you when you win a date.

There are so many hilarious videos out there to seduce and entice her. There are like “Mango Kisser, Cook with Pan – Kissing Recipe, Muscle kiss, Kiss from the dog and many more. It is fun watching the fresh and creative ones as well as some of the gross ones. Check out those Free videos at

See Mirelly Taylor’s video. She is so sexy and HOT.

What's up with PPP lately?

GOSH!!! What is wrong with PPP? Ever since they allow reserve opp for 6 hours, it has been nightmares for me. I can hardly get any available post to write. It's really frustrating. I tried logging on in the morning, afternoon or night to check out the opps, unfortunately there are always being taken up. Anyone out there facing the same problem?

If it continues this way, I think a lot of people is gonna give up or move to their competitors. I think they should try and come out with a better solutions than leaving angry posties unatteded.
Feel like swearing!

Are you ready for the MINTY offer?

Credit card business is so competitive nowadays. It has its good and bad side. However, it is always a good thing for us consumers where we get more benefits and more savings. Among others, MINT Credit Card has very attractive package launched recently. MINT as its name suggest, giving you more fresh ideas and never seen before benefits.

Are you ready for the MINTY offer?

• Wow! You pay 0% on purchases until January 2008. (Pretty cool huh for a start?)
• You Pay 0% on purchases until 1 January 2008, 0% on balance transfers (2.5% fee) until 1 August 2008.
• Typical 14.9% APR (variable).
• Up to £7,500 credit limit.
• No annual fee. ( I like this)
• Free additional card for a friend or partner.
• Free online account management where you can download statements and receive email and text alerts.
• 24 hour MINT customer service.
• MINT+ offers on wine, prize draws, travel and leisure services.

Well, the above are only some of the benefits from credit card deal, it sounds too good to be true right? Go check it out yourself today. There is a REAL GOOD DEAL on offer now.

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Jing-Si Aphorisms

Doing good deeds brings great blessings. It reminds me of I haven't done any good deeds recently.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Want to change your life? Try Motivator today.

“Motivation”, a powerful word that I got to know when I first attended a motivational course back in the early 90s. It was very useful, it changed my attitude and help me achieve my goals in just 2 weeks.

A Motivator reminds you of your core goals and injecting positives facts to your mind. Thus change your state of belief and drive you towards a brighter future.

Motivator thinks that reason why you don’t achieve goals is because you are lack of motivation. What you need is probably a constant reminder, helping you to reprogram your mind, through the power of programmed rehearsal.

Today, a genius invention has made it available to you right in front of your PC. What you have to do is install the FREE motivation software and see the magic work. It’s FREE, because the people behind the software believe in karma. And Don’t worry, they isn’t any spywares, ads or trash. Give it a go today, download now, the power is in your hands.

COOL i Mac

Hub has bought an imac for file conversion recently. We just love the sexy mac. I used to use Mac back in College but working in Malaysia's IT in the 90's, most people used PC. Ivan and myself had a great time using it. Ivan uses it for his Online games from PBS kids and a couple of kids games site. He could sit in front of the Mac for the entire afternoon. And I am so amazed with his ability to navigate the site on his own and master some game. Huh, it's really COOL. Oopps..he is coming to paster me for his share of the Mac now.

We tried some of this photos from the photo i booth. So cool!.

Friday, May 25, 2007

I am Lovin' PPP

Wow! This is cool. Pouring out lovey-dovey feelings towards PPP and I am paid for $10. See, this is what I love about PPP. Need I say more?

Let me recall a bit, I started writing PPP since January 2007. Then I did not know anything about it. Fellow bloggers encouraged me to take up the extra income earning trades. Since then, there is no turning back. At the comfort of my own home, work place and even public places, I could lay my hands on writing PPP and doing blog reviews. I have earned hundred plus of $$$ and will definitely work towards getting more of it. Besides earning cash, PPP is a good source to get to know the juiciest events and friends around the world. I have definitely nurtured my patience while getting to know advertiser’s requirements.

I plan to purchase a set of Baby Einstein’s DVD for my daughter whom will be due this coming July 6th. Thanks PPP for the marvelous offer, making our lives better by the day.

Down with Fever

Gosh!!! I am curently down with fever at the final stage of my pregnancy. It's a bit scary though. I slept from 7pm last night till 11:30am this morning after taking 2 panodol prescribed from doctor the last time. That's a pretty long sleep eh? I am feeling so much better after hub bought me some porridge. Luckily he is ever willing to help with the kid and all so that I could have a good rest. Thank God!

I am still feeling a little tired and have joint pain over some parts of my body. Hope it will go away soon. Sleep is getting harder at night as the baby growing bigger. I get breathlessness sometimes and frequent toss around is unavoidable. Hub said he dream that baby will pop on 28 of June. Haha! It's a nice number. He was accurate with Ivan's date the last time. We shall see if he is accurate this time. ;)

CRM Software

There are so many CRM softwares out there in the market. How does one decide on which to purchase? Everyone claim their system is the best. *A real head scratching experience*

Well, finding the root of purchasing the software is important. Whether it is to keep track on information and details of customers or making full use of the features to track down every single potential customer’s movement gracefully is the point to consider before investing in one of the above-mentioned software.

Personally, if I am a boss of a company, I want something that is as clever as AIMpromote lead management system. It lets me know where my best leads are coming from and I can monitor my ROI of each campaign by clicking on few buttons in their feature rich system.

Moreover, AimPromote has no setup fees, and they even integrate your system with your website free of charge. Isn’t that exciting enough to kick some asses? ;)

Take a free trial today and learn for yourself why AIMpromote is changing the way companies look at CRM software. sponsors this post.

Jing Si Aphorism

Have you PPP Direct?

Noticed the recently launch PPP Direct in the blogging world? Do you know what is it all about? This is new to me as I have been idle for a while in the PPP world.

PPP Direct makes dream come true for advertisers to approach Posties directly to get them to write special blog posts. All you have to do is to specify a minimum amount you want to be paid for Direct opportunities and place a widget on your blog. If advertisers are interested, they will click on your batch and make you an offer. Transactions are secure as well; PPP guaranteed all sellers and buyers will be happy.

Another good reason why this is worth exploring is it gives you more benefit in terms of $. While PPP direct charged 30% markup of self-service model, other competitors like ReviewMe is charging a ridiculous 100% markup. Whao, that’s a lot, itsn’t it better to keep the money yourself than paying such high middlemen fees? PPP direct cut out middlemen fees and only charges a 10% service fee, nearly 5% of that is PayPal and Credit Card Fees. Do the math yourself and find out which one is giving you real rewards. So get paid to blog today.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Off from pay post for almost a month.

Gosh! Can't believe it, I have been off ppp for about a month. Like what I told some of my blog friends that money can't even motivate me. Must be my pregnancy hormone. Well, I feel better and am free today, not sure what is happeneing lately in Payperpost. Got to check it out.