Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Golden Lucky Egg

A direct sales friend of mine gave bb this golden lucky egg. Wow! I brought home and un-wrapped it to show bb. Once open, we could see a huge seed. Not sure what seed is that. The seed has a Chinese “Gong Hei Fatt Choy” word engraved on it. Behind the seed, there is a number 0735. Hehe…daddy’s eyes sparkled when he saw the number. Hmm…guess he is gonna get a 4d number. I poured those contents out from the bag; it has some sands and some dun know what in it. We then buried the seed deep within and water it. Now let us wait another 7 to 8 days to see what happen. Can’t wait for the lucky egg to sprout. :)

Monday, January 29, 2007

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It was last year when I first got in touch with podcast. I wanted to listen to and watch some self-defense advice on The Star online as they were scary rape and snatch thief cases happening here. Since then I have downloaded podcast contents from parent’s magazine, cooking, Salsa dance and some motivational talks.

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My friends

It was a nice gathering for the kids during a friend’s full moon party. Bb had great fun with his friends.

A song we made together for bb’s friend:

O Zoe O Ryan O Iris

You are my friends

Together we play

Forever we are friends

O Zoe O Ryan O Iris

We are good friends

Friday, January 26, 2007

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I admired Yvonne Foong’s enthusiasm to raise fund for diagnosing her rare and incurable genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis Type 2. Currently she had total sum of Medical Fund RM59,432.65. She had many interesting ideas like organizing Rock concert, selling T-shirt etc. If you too want to run a fundraising campaign, perhaps you could check out here for some fundraising ideas, fundraising programs and fundraising products to help you achieve your target.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Teacher said I am LAZY

This is a post to announce that finally my little boy stop crying to school. *Hooray!* It started 3 days ago when the principal herself brought him to the class. She was saying “Clever boy, come, and clever boy”. Wow, those are indeed very effective words to use. For your info, I only boiled egg for a day and never follow yet he still stop crying so it proves that egg boiling doesn’t work. Kekeke!

Bb started yakking a lot lately and started counting his fingers and anything he sees in books. He even echo what teacher said in school. Last night he told me teacher call him “Lazy”. “WHAT? Did I hear it right? Why teacher call you lazy” His reply was “ Because I never stand up”. According to Sri, teacher has to call his name 3 times before he stands up hence he earns himself a title of “LAZY”. What is this? I think teacher shouldn’t call him names lidat. I think I should call to clarify or to screw the teacher. *Blood boiling*. I practiced name-calling with him last night pretending to ask him to sit down, call many other names, and need him to stand up in response to his name. It was a fun game.

Let’s hope he doesn’t give me heart attack anymore by telling me these nonsense. I am gonna call the principal today. *Fuming*

**update: Called the principal, she said "not true", in the morning, teacher usually pet talk to them asking them to wash face, wake up early and cannot be lazy. Therefore, I love to take it as it is and perhaps my maid was telling me the wrong thing. Just thought if they really do so, a concern phone call will serve as a warning.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Gosh! He is still crying after 2 weeks. I spoke to my sister a couple of days ago telling her my concern over bb’s behaviour. When ask by daddy or mil whether he cries in school; bb’s answer is always “NO! I never cry”, uttered with confidence. In fact, he cries furiously when I drop him to school daily. His excuses before leaving with the teacher are either, “I want to go back or I want mommy or I want my kakak…”.

Sis told me to boil an egg and keep it in his school bag; he will be okay in 2 weeks. Err…I have no idea why, it was a myth she heard from elder woman to soothes kids from crying to school. Has anyone heard of this tale before? Does it work was my immediate question to her. Well obviously, she said it worked for her 3rd child. I am very doubtful la but still I asked Sri to boiled one this morning for bb to bring to school. I am keeping my fingers cross. *counting- 1,2 3, 4, 5….eggs need to be boiled b4 he stops crying, wah, who is gonna eat those eggs???*

Of late, I have been seriously thinking about quitting my job after the 2nd one arrive. I am very disappointed with my achievement at this stage. I could not understand how I can stand doing this for close to 2 years. I have plans for the future; I am planting my roots now. It’s okay if others don’t understand, but I know for sure it’s gonna materialize when the time comes. I am very glad daddy is supportive of my decision.

Daddy is very sweet; he bought me Lo Hong Ka bird’s nest over the weekend. It comes with 10 sachets of pearl powder and another small bottle of bird’s nest FREE. There is a Chinese New Year promotion running. We bought ours at 1U. Well, let’s hope bb no 2. and my skin glow after consuming the expensive bird’s saliva. Yummy!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Freshly plug red ones.

I like eating fruits when I feel dizzy in the evening. That day, I went to fetch bb early at MIL’s place. I would usually sit in the dinning area and munch on some rambutans from the garden or any other fruits available on the table. Mil likes eating the not so ripe one as she is a diabetic but I am craving for the sweet and red one.
The following melt my heart - Bb knows that I like some red rambutans, he went all out to the garden to plug some red ones for me. Of coz with help from Sri, he had a basket full of it and passed it thru the grill from the dining area where I was sitting. Yummy yum! A bonus from my filial son. Kekekeke!!! Want some?
Pic where I was sitting captured by bb using my hand phone.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fun in Tmn Tun Park

After days of schooling, a play in a near by park brings back sweet smile to my dear darling boy. This is the first time he gets to cycle outside of the house. It was a huge park; I seriously don’t know that it exist. I heard from hubby that 10 million was spent building that park. It is quite a pleasant and serene park with loads of greenery apart from some still under construction area. There are even waterfall and muddy area for parents and kids to dip in their feet for fish catching. I have seen people having picnic there too. There is a huge pond with lots of lively tortoises’ enjoying the evening sun and two water fountains in it.

Daddy dropped us in the park and went to another tougher area to have a running competition with his friend for a bet of RM50. Hehe…I am so surprise that he won the bet. Yeah, he is fat but not all that bad. He is clever with his winning strategy, a pat at your back daddy.

Sri and I walked while bb was on his bicycle for the entire hour in the park. Both were treated with ice cream after the walk. Later we went out for dinner with daddy’s friend in Damansara Village for herbal steamboat. Bb had fun with free balloons from balloon expert and played scoping fish in the pond area. That is their gimmick of attracting kids and parents. Poor fish though being scope up and put back many times in a day, can’t last all that long.

As for schooling, he still cries this morning but is willing to tell me more about school and he corrected my pronunciation of mentioning his form teacher’s name wrongly. *Rolled eyes*

As for myself, I just feel so stuck sometimes. Everyone in my office is booking for flights to go traveling with Airasia. I couldn’t even mention it to daddy. He is extremely busy and only willing to plan for trip after my delivery. Weirdly, he has all the time to be with his friends for Mah Jong, soccer and the likes but is so non-receptive about 3 days 2 nights trip with me. *Sigh*

Friday, January 05, 2007

First day at kindergarten

A very Happy New Year to everyone, I know I had been MIA for some time. Pardon me, as I was busy with my daily dreamlike nausea and puke. I was also busy scooting around for a new school as it’s about time for the little sheep to attend school.

Wednesday: First day at school.
The sky were still gloomy and dark outside, I woke bb up while he was soundly asleep. It was the first day of school on wednesday. He dragged himself up while I get ready his uniform. He was somewhat jolly well happy carrying his Bob the builder’s bag and put on his Mickey’s socks and shoes before heading to school. All excited, including mommy and daddy.

They were already many little cuties at school when we arrived. Some were sobbing softly, some loudly while others happily entertained themselves with toys. I helped bb with his shoes in the shoe bag and sent him to class right away and I left him. He was perfectly cool and played with toys when I peeked through the window. Later I went in to the class again to chat with his form teacher and say goodbye to him. That’s when the horror scene started. He pretended not to hear me at first but facial expression changed immediately when I was ready to leave. He clang on to me and started crying hysterically. My heart ached seeing this, however I got to be firm. I left him crying in his teacher’s arm.

Today is the third day, he was very reluctant and already crying at home refused to put on the uniform, Sri has to coax him to put it on and he was so manja, he wanted Sri to piggyback him to the car. The moment my car reached the school, he started crying, tears were already thick in the car. Gosh! I feel so bad but darling, fees are not cheap; it’s for the better of you.

I really hope that he could do better at the following week. Does your kid cry their way to school? What do you do to calm and soothe them?