Friday, September 14, 2007

Bugs in PPP

Not sure what weng wrong. PPP has been having bugs like ages. I had summited a few post but it didn't show up in my dashboard. And did u hear about their latest rules? Gosh! It's getting harder even to earn extra few bucks. And my opps are so little nowadays. Hmm... when I first started doing it, some people told me that it was just a gimmick and it won't last long. What do you think?

I personally think it works and I have received real money from them except me blog has low rank and not much opps available for me. *Sigh*


montessorimum said...

I'm one late comer that join the PPP wagon, though I have heard about it since it started. I've earned real money from them it's not a gimmick, but lately, they think they are the king of the blog advertising world ...those rules are killing. When I can actually write more than 5 paid post a day,now 4 already wears me down, coz of the requirement to fill in interim. :(

Allyfeel said... it's time to join the competitor.