Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Swim and a forgotten anniversary

It was a beautiful and cooling Saturday. We went for a swim with bb in the evening around 4:30pm. It was fun playing in the pool and I had a good swim of 30 laps too with daddy taking care of bb. As usual, daddy will bath bb and I can take my own suit time to bath and dress myself up after the satisfying swim. Then we had some donuts before heading for furniture sourcing for our guest room. We are expecting some guest in January next year.

Later daddy drove us to ss2 to have dinner. Before stopping the car, I realized that it was our 5th anniversary. Haha, we both had forgotten it. We just laughed it off, wished each other, and headed for our dinner. Bb was well behaved without Sri, he enjoyed the ramen that we ordered very much. It was sort of I-dragon kind of restaurant except less pricey. I love the ramen, very nicely done.

After dinner, daddy bought some dry meat from “Wo lai yea” and we headed home. I didn’t feel very well so bb and I hit the sack very early that night.
From left: Ramen with duck meat, Pickles, Dumpling ramen, Congee with nuts and mix meat.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


My colleague and I went to a nearby bakery to get some bread during lunch. She met a friend’s sister who is studying nearby. A young, pretty, educated city girl who wore a tight black v-shape top and airy flowery skirt.

While chatting, a young guy passed her by. She called for the guy “Hey Beng”. The guy replied “Hey Lian”. Lian opened her sweet mouth while smiling and said “Fuck you”. Beng glanced at her with a broad smile and greeted her “Fuck you back”.

Me-- *Jaw dropped*

Oh boy, is this the way youngster greet each other nowadays?
Imagine this - while walking on the street, you hear “Hey, fuck you mommy!” And you notice it’s your son that is greeting you. You reply “Hey fuck you back son!”

GOSH!!! Horrible! Horrible! Horrible!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bb’s Birthday

A long anticipated day for bb. We attended his new level 7 play class in Gymboree on Saturday. Ya…he just turned 3. It was a completely different experience for him as they encourage self-expression in the class. Haha..when asked to stand up and sing a song, he pulled a parachute to cover his own head like an Ostrich. I didn’t force him, just couldn’t believe my eyes that he could be this shy. The teacher later isolated him and other kids from their mother in a private room to read story. He didn’t disappoint me, he stayed until the end. When I peeked from outside, I saw him moving away from the crowd.

Later, he helped decorate the house with balloons; the naughty hand burst a few of them while helping.

We had a very simple celebration within the family. On this day, he gets what he asks for. He behaved extremely well. We had some simple lunch followed by cake cutting session and present presenting. Bb was very delighted as he got his dream bicycle, he cannot part with it since.

As usual, he enjoyed cake cutting but never even want to try his own birthday cake. We ordered the cake a week before, it didn’t turn out to be of daddy’s expectation as the aesthetic aspect of it was quite rough but as long as bb enjoyed himself, I don’t really mind.

It was a day he slept on his own new bed with Mr. Incredible bed sheet as well. *Smile*

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Can you see that little pretty girl in the pic? A girl Bb met in a pajamas party last Saturday. Bb's daddy can't stop staring at the lil' girl, he kept telling me this girl is gonna be so pretty when she grows up. *rolled eyes*

Yaya...daddy, it's ppl's daughter, dun be such a gold fish. Actually, without me realizing, I kept snapping photograph of that girl, more than what I took for bb. Hehehe! I think we both "Han lui han fat sui" (wants a lil' girl till caught fever edi)

Friday, November 10, 2006

Why do you need so much?

This conversation happened during our car journey to see bb at mil’s place.

Mommy: Do you think I should stay home and be a SAHM if we have a second kid?
Daddy: No, I never thought of that.
Mommy: Do you think ma (mil) can cope? Don’t you think she needs some time off and relax? (trying to con him into accepting my idea)
Daddy: Silent
Mommy: I am very low maintenance one. You only need to give me $xxxx per month, then I can survive one.
Daddy: What? Why you need so much every month? Last time pa (pil) only gave ma $xxxx much.
Mommy: Wah, tai lou, last time and now where got same?
Daddy: What do u need to spend on, everything regarding house whole is paid off what?
Mommy: (Whao! Started calculating everything and I can smell the anger)
Well, let’s don’t discuss about this, it’s too early to have this conversation. *sigh in my heart*

End…. men and their money… sigh!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Where is the red one?

Bb sat close, enjoying the show on TV with me.

Bb: Mommy, where is the red one?
Mommy: There, he flies up high to save people
Bb: Mommy, where is the red one? Where is the red one? Where is the red one?
Mommy: there…noh…noh Spiderman…
Bb: Mommy, where is the Spiderman. Where? Where? Where? Where? Where?
getting a bit annoyed. Why do they repeat so often? (thinking aloud)
Mommy: The Spiderman is flying, noh... noh... there.
Bb: Where...where...where...where...where?
Mommy: (Buah Tahan) Bb, u go sit there, over there, mommy tummy ache
Bb: Mommy, I want to sit here with mommy and hug hug.
Mommy: okok
Bb: Mommy, where is the red one?
Mommy: Speechless.

Last night...

Upon reaching home, "mommy, I want to watch Spiderman. I want; I want...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..."wailed non-stop. It took me a while to console him.