Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What's this???

These are one of those art works that bb created with the help of Sri in art classes that Mil enrolled him couple of weeks ago. He likes it very much and draw almost everyday at home. Although it was abstract but there are stories behind every one of them.

Eg: when asked about what he drew in the class, he told teacher that “ Pair der (uncle in Hainanese) fly fly in airplane to Germany and fly back”. Wow! Now I know, it is a good way to express himself thru art. Only he knows what he draws.

Last night he took out his photo album again and I asked him to point at uncles and aunties, he circulate his fingers like drawing circles before pointing to them naughtily. It was cute I think.

Oh ya, I compiled his first 6 months photos and videos and made them into VCD for him to watch lately. Of coz, it started with my fat and suffering face on the hospital bed. Guess what? One day mil called me at work; she said Bb turned very emotional over certain part of the video and asked to speak to me. Haha…I am so glad and surprise that he is such sensitive and caring boy.

He also developed a habit of saying "Shut Up" and "What's this?".
Once he told mommy and daddy off like this:
"mommy shut up, papa shut up, BB is Hmm...Hmm(pooing) hiding inside the hotel closet. "

Incy-wincy spider climb up the water spout!!! Can you do the gesture? Hehe... some of my colleague can't ...gegegege!!!


Zara's Mama said...

Nice art work. You mean your MIL is the instructor in the art class?

Haha.. where did BB learn how to say Shut Up? From Daddy or Mummy?

1+2mom said...

When my son saw back his baby photos he told me that was his sisters..haha.
Very nice art work, i also want to send him to art class but i scare he dun like it and i ask some of the art class quite cost ler.

mom2ashley said...

what a sensitive and emotional boy he is! and creative too ya!

Egghead said...

how come all his art-work center around spiders? watch too much spiderman?

geetha said...

Hahaha.. my son has caught, "My God!" and "Oh my goodness" from me. So cute when they repeat what we say huh! But we have to be very careful with our words.. I had a friend's son telling Champion.. "Slap you" when he asked to drink from his water bottle. The mother was sorry that he said it and told that it came from her.

How often does he go for art class? Does he enjoy it?

BTW, what s/w you use to convert into VCD? I have yet to use my NERO. I wonder whether it is TV friendly?

michelle said...

BB really got a lot of activites. Nice bug.

Allyfeel said...

zara's mama,
Thanks! no no, Mil sent him to the art class in Gymboree.

I think he learnt it from me and the mother in Incredibles. "BAD ME, BAD MOTHER". :(

Haha...your kids must have all look alike. :)

I think they do give out trial classes. May be you could speak to the principles before enrolling him to the art class.

yea..he is. Creative....I hope so.

egghead, wor, he has never watched spidermen before. I think it's in the same lesson where they have to make 2 types of spiders I guess. :)

Oh definately they usually picked up from us parents. Guess what, bb said My God as well. MIL was shocked when she heard it.

He goes to art class once a week. I think he does, he gets to play acting of various profession like doctors, pilot and etc as well.

NERO is TV friedly. You got to check whether ur player is NTSC or PAL. Usually SONY is NTSC and the rest is PAL. When you burnt u got to do the setting accordingly. I use Pro Show for the presentation.

Thanks!I guess he is lucky that Mil and his kakak accompany him when I am not around.