Monday, July 10, 2006

My Goal Post

No one was home when I arrived on Friday evening. Bb went out with Pil for some shopping. I strolled alone in the garden and found newly build goal post with raffia string as net in red, blue and green. Not bad eh? It was a joint effort from Sri and Suktei(mil Cambodian maid) for the little one. Thanks to the soccer craze in this recent month, bb also got himself a new target whenever he tries to kick a ball. There is no bb there to capture any professional player in action except a lonesome ball in the warm evening sun.

I took some snapshots of the garden bb plays in daily and an egg carton creation(Human Head). It was an art direction from mother in law to Sri. She saw a kid cutting cartons out to form various characters in her massage parlour. For this, I must say a big thank you to her for doing such great job taking care of my kid without any reward. Without her and fil’s support, hubby and I would not be so at ease like what we are now. Why so touchy feely one??? No idea….

Saturday ...
Argument with hubby at home. No lunch for him, no lunch for Sri. Only cook for bb. Kekeke…don’t step on my tail or He EAT HIMSELF.

Hubby disagree to continue sending bb to Gymboree as he thinks it’s a waste of money. *Duh* No idea what’s happening in his mind. I have no choice but to oblige. I am not giving up yet, am trying to persuade him again (hey hub, if u r reading this, any second chance???). However, he thinks it is not a waste of money to bring bb to Kidzsport. *Rolled eyes*

Oh ya, bb has been urging me to make him Jelly. There you go, a bowlful of Konnyaku Jelly stuffed with rambutan and pineapple. Recipe.

Ooo..I have started swimming again to keep myself fit. It was unfortunate that hub was beside me when an ex colleague commented I have put on some weight. Men, how I wish I could do that to him as well. He is FAT, how unfair, I have to work on my body and he does not. *bite teeth* I managed to swim 40 laps last week, gonna do it again this evening.


geetha said...

Hey, good idea of the goal post! I'm sure BB loved it.. I just don't have a garden for to play football.. have to go to the field in front of the house :)

40 lap?! That's a lot.. good for you! You'll be slim in no time ;P

michelle said...

Thanks for the contribution. I added the picture in cookblog, hope u don't mind.

khongfamily said...

Oh ya..what's the difference between gymboree and kidzsport?

It's good that you've started swimming. Too bad I don't know how to swim!! *sigh*

Zara's Mama said...

I thought gymboree has less things to play with? I'd been to the one in Bangsar and didn't find it interesting.

How nice to have FIL and MIL to look after BB.. and BB likes them too right? That's the most important thing.

Ricket said...

Woa... 40 laps? that's a lot... pretty fit ya you?

Allyfeel said...

It was quite a good idea to set up something like that. He only plays in Mil's house with the 2 mates as his team members. :)

I am sure champion and lil president would love to hv bb as team players eh? haha! :)

Actually I dun think I am fat or big but well, it's a good way of staying fit.

not at all. So sorry, I was in the rush to get out of the office yesterday, only managed to add in more pics this morning.

khong family,
Gymboree is a playschool with teachers guiding the whole play. Kids learn words and motor skills true playing.

Kidzsport is like a gigantic playground with lots of interesting equipments to play with. You are the teacher and carer.

NVM, can go jogging..:P

zara's mama,
The one in Bangsar village? Ya, it has less thing to play with but the way they make kids interact with equipment change to weekly theme is quite cool I think.

For instance they change slides and boxes to a stadium and ask all kids to sit and watch teacher play baseball. Later kids get to bet the ball themselves and run. A few words will be introduced in each class. Actually bb loves it. So I thought it's quite worth it.

hehe...I was able to do 60 everyday. I do it slowly. Hope it can last long.

mom2ashley said...

wow 40 laps is a good start!

Allyfeel said...


Ya, I recon too. Trying to increase to the before standard. Pretty time consuming though cause I am a bit slow, took me abt 45mins :)

Greenapple said...

oh plz you're so skinny .. even with a few more pounds you'll look as good ...

i just don't fit into asia countries anymore ... i am completely fine here but i will be regarded as overweight. ish....

geetha said...

Yeah, I think three of them will enjoy playing football together.. :)

Allyfeel said...

I thought so too but not HIM. worries, my friend who was as skinny as me got labelled "Obese" in one of those fitness centre. So they are not accurate.

should put them together la. :)

blinka.Li said...

I enjoyed the jelly so so much... thanks ya! :P

flowsnow said...

Don't worry about the `weight' issue. They are never pleased. Mine.......until today even with a haggard look and `look thinner', he still complains I have a wobbly tummy...and it's not entirely my fault after having 2 kids and it's partly his fault too! Again yes I am at fault for not exercising but what the heck a bit of compliment goes a long way in motivating in removing those `extra bits'. So don't long as you can fit decently to a pair of jeans, be it! Age gracefully. :D
Nice blog. Will visit for more.