Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The journey of my Endometriosis and its diagnosis

It was in early April 2013 that I went for my peps mere screening. I hadn't done it since 2nd child's birth which was close to 6 years by now. My girl will be turning 6 this July. Well, there were many reasons - no time la, work is so crazy, hate the waiting time…etc that delay the routine checkup.

Well, at least my peps mere came out normal but during my checkup, my own gynae that delivered both my children were busy calculating how much was my total consultation and swiping my credit card in her room for payment. She was not quite interested in advising me about my cyst which was found on the left side of my ovary.

"You don't need to know so much, it will scare you away." She said. The cyst were about 38mm x 38mm in size. Some basic info such as cyst is very normal and found 8 out of 10 in women your age. ( I am going to be 40 this year). It's just liquid, you can either take it out (Surgery), or take contraceptive pill, nothing to be worry about.

Not satisfied with what she had said, I googled the net and found various info and so called "cured" that were trying to sell their own cream or supplements that will make cyst disappear while scheduling my 2nd opinion with another gynae. So there went my exploring journey of trying out supplements such as EPO, Fish oil, Vitamin E, Probiotic, chinese herbal soup - tong gui, pat chan. I took all these for about 1 month and I feel even more bloated and I put on about 2 kg of weight.

Not happy, I went to seek 2nd opinion on my cyst with another gynae. She gave slightly better illustration of what I have by doing a vagina scan. It was Endometriosis - blood cyst, she took out a ball (of tennis ball size).
"See this, the cyst is about this size in your ovary".
"Any pain?"
"I said, my previous gynae said it's a liquid cyst." Her smart answer was: Isn't blood a liquid?"
"Should I stop eating any food at all like diary, soya (hormone found), chicken (growth hormone injected)…?"
"I don't believe all these, if you believe, you can follow la"
She briefly told me how an hour surgery would have removed the cyst and 2 weeks mc will be given. So I went home and continue thinking about my problem and meanwhile scheduling for my 3rd gynae appointment recommended by colleagues and blog friends. By now I have already found out from friends that EPO, coffee, tong gui, pat chan is bad for me. I quit immediately and by the time I see my 3rd gynae, my weight has gone back to normal and I feel a bit better.

This time, it's a male gynae. He looked a little lethargic after a long day work and surgery but was very professional in his reply and explanation. He did a vagina scan, explained by drawing the type of cysts. There are 3 types of cyst. 1. usually water and thinner membrane, 2. Homogenous in colour and had thicker membrane, 3. irregular in size and usually cancerous. There are basically 3 things you can do now. 1. Take birth control pill or hormone pill, but it will make you feel drowsy and sick. 2.  intrauterine device (IUD), it will reduce your period blood to half a day each month so hopefully it will shrink the endometriosis. 3. Surgery, he started showing actual video of how the surgery is done behind him on the TV connected to PC and he shared stories of how his wife was diagnosed with a worse case of endometriosis and is on IUD for 8 years and no recurrence. I released a long breath. I think he can sense my difficulty in making decision. However, before anything else, I told him, I came in with my mind set for surgery , and it's even better that he mentioned about IUD. I told him, I will do both. My husband was not with me for these 3 consultations, he is just so tight up with work.

This period is quite a challenging one as my maid that was with us for 8.5 years had just left us in April. I had to basically take care of everything at home with a full time job. Quite challenging. Fortunately, it's not worrying as I have found the solution and I know, it will be ok soon.

I have set my laparoscopic surgery on the 2nd of July 2013. I am taking Nordette pill (it's causing my nausea) given by the gynae for 21 days after my 2nd visit during 2nd day of menses. By 23rd of June, I should be expecting my period. On the 1 of July, I shall be taking my laxative pill and by 8am on the 2nd, I am to be admitted to the hospital. I had been experiencing pain during the first day of my period through out these 1 year, out of breath, feel like shitting, cold pain at the abdomen, severe sweating and vomit sometimes. Thereafter, I usually look super Pale. (It's quite inconvenience especially the pain started just before a presentation or right after touching down from an airplane with a male colleague waiting for you while you spend close to 20 mins in a toilet).

By now, I have done my surgery and at the end of my mc and recovering very well.


Anonymous said...

Which gynae you go to?

QPT said...

It seems you have done a long research.Now you're health is ok know?
Have more fruits,Sprouts and veg.In fruits specially pomegranate.

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