Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wild Child

It was an agitating night and morning for me. First, boy was delaying his usual task before going to bed and in the morning, he was playing water in the sink while his sister was waiting for him to be shuffled to school in the car. 

This sparked a voice inside my head, “What can I do to change his behaviour?” He is interested in TV, games, toys and anything else but study.

As a fulltime-working mum, it can be quite tired after a whole day of work. Dragging my tired and at times stress mind to study with him can be overwhelming as he needed to be called upon many times before he is willing to move his body to the study room.

Worried, I searched the net for my former teacher Dr. Earnest Wong. Yea, I was lucky enough to be trained by him many years back when I was still a college girl. Many people including my own husband do not believe in this kind of workshop or seminar. Hubby thinks it’s for the weak mind. He thinks we get brainwash and would have no help. I think otherwise. It was a turning point in my life having attended his seminar. Call me a believer, it has changed my attitudes towards how to love, believe and trust myself more. My relationship with my parents and siblings improved vastly. I showed more affection to my parents. I know how to plan for what I want and achieve it. I am very optimistic and always believe the “Can do and achieve” attitude. The kind of energy and positive thoughts stays with me for many years. He trained the mind to believe that if you want something badly, there is a way to get it. That kind of force still lingers in me.

I want my son to have that. I need to find a way to send him to seminar like this to ease my burden of bringing him up.

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