Thursday, December 23, 2010

Think of money

My lil boy was getting furious when neither daddy nor me answer to his queries. “I hate this family…” he shouted. Oopss…we stop talking and looked at him.
“You guys don’t care about me”, he continued.

Darling… daddy and mummy is thinking of ways to make more money, what do you want, tell us now?

“You mean he thinks of money and not of his kids?”(Totally unexpected)

I have to quickly explain: “No, no…Daddy think of money so he can provide a better life for you and mei mei, he thinks of money so that he has all the money to get you games and Bayblade that you wanted. 

1 comment:

blinka.Li said...

brilliant kid u have! ;) Nowadays kids are very good at this.Parents - big headache!