Friday, September 29, 2006

Wedding card

Wedding card designed for an ex-colleague few months ago.
It was used during her church wedding.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Does your man prefer you to dress sexily?

I work in a place where there are loads of hot babes to cucimata with everyday. Girls with skimpy dresses, hot shapely figures and angelic faces not only make heads turn but body turns 360 degree even after they had left a scene. I would say it is a men’s heaven. If my hubby is to work in a place like this, I think he will feel syiok syiok too and I will have lots of stress worrying about the free shows and ice-cream licking scenes he experiences daily.

I can't stand sometimes seeing party looking attire during office hour, does anyone fancy girl in super tight pants coupled with skimpy tube top and cleavage? Or low cut spaghetti straps with all kinds of cup sizes? They are plenty here. It’s not that I don’t dress up like this but perhaps not during office hour. I mean seeing it once in a while is really refreshing la but everyday seeing the same half revealing bouncing thingy…wah..sakit mata ler… (Pardon me if you dress like that everyday, perhaps you could share with me your stories behind dressing revealingly)

I think some women would understand what I meant. Those sexy looking cloths are usually very uncomfortable; nice to look, not nice to wear. I really salute people who do not mind breath taking super tight outfit through out the entire working hours. I know some girls even have infection wearing tight fitting pants all day long. Of coz la…your there have not enough air to breath ma…

Most men like to see their women look stunningly sexy. My man is one of them, I will get comments like “Ei…you don’t look good on that top la, got tighter one or not?” *Rolled eyes* “Got, but it will show my tummy…okay arr?” my usual reply.
Now that I have a kid, I have more excuses to dress comfortably. “Ai..not convenient la, have to carry bb, cannot wear too sexy, later Chao Kwong…”

Despite all those comments above, I still dress up for my men occasionally just to satisfy his needs while enjoying his praises. Heh! After all, we “Xi Lai (married women)” still got assets one.

A question:

Women, does your man prefer you to dress sexily?
Men, why do you like your women to dress sexily?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Have a bad day papa…

He got into papa’s car by continuing “papa, have a bad day”.
Papa: “Darling, I don’t want to have a bad day”.
Mommy: ”B, tell papa to play the Bad day song, not have a bad day.”


Bb’s current favourite adult song by Daniel Powter, Bad Day

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A naughty shoe

Bang, bang, bang…. eh…what is the little boy doing again?

Apparently, he showed off his new shoe by kicking it at the back of the left passenger seat in grandpa’s car. He told grandma that the shoe on the left is naughty, it keeps kicking the seat but the right shoe is good and quiet. Grandma then asked, “This leg naughty, can I beat beat?” He said “No” protectively. He is very imaginative now and sometimes he laughs and talks to himself. I guess he is at the phase of having imaginative friends.


He locked himself in his grandpa’s car at the garage. When grandpa asked to unlock the door, he accidentally pushed the gear and the car moved while he was inside. Gosh! Luckily, it stopped before hitting anywhere or anyone. He was shocked and appeared stone. Sri brought him water to calm him down. I think he realized it was dangerous after that terrifying incident.

Photo taken on Sunday in Sunway Lagoon.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Car Boot

FIL told me last night that bb has learnt to unlock the car boot from the driver’s seat. He would then go so curiously, stretching his head around and scanning into that dark and stuffy car boot. Fil was afraid of him locking himself accidentally in it. So all adults at home are warned to lock all cars even when we are at home to avoid any accident.

Come to think about it, it’s quite dangerous if he locks himself in it and nobody knows. With scorching sun in Malaysia, it’s gonna be real dangerous, Phew! If your kids likes to play around with cars like bb, I mean real adult’s car, just take extra care and precautions.