Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dell's colourful notebook

Do you know that Dell too has a range of beautiful and colorful personal computer, notebook? Yes! It’s the Inspiron 1520, the new 15.4” Inspiron notebook which comes in 8 hip and cool colour. . Midnight Blue, Jet Black, or Spring Green? You decide. The colours reflect who you are. It’s packed with long-ranging wireless options and includes 6 premium micro satin finish and an integrated 2 megapixel webcam. It’s designed with a choice of powerful dual-core processors and a widescreen display which is highly desirable and ideal for media, entertainment and more.

And when you need help, Dell service and support is available online, on the phone, or even at your home. It also comes with 1 year Collect and Return warranty as standard.

Ooo…the colours look so yummy, I like the Spring green. What about you? Check out cool computers, desktop and more from Dell today!

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Do you keep your grocery receipt?

Do you keep your grocery shopping’s receipt at least for a while before discarding them? I do, in case there is anything wrong, spoil or not up to my expectation, I could return them and get a refund or replacement.

Mr. Ally just got me a box of moon cake from Jusco. He knows I like to eat but because nobody in the house eats, I only buy to give away every year. According to him, he wants to surprise me. But hor only 2 out of 4 I like. I asked him to return and get the one I like. I will write down the name for him. So he goes to the bin and dig out a very crumpled and wet piece of paper. Eeeee…!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dell, your coolest PC choice

Do you constantly face threat of Viruses, Trojan attack or issues regarding computer security? Hey dude, don’t hesitate, go check out Dell computers online store. They provide amazing range of computers, desktop, notebooks for home and business use which bundled with top quality technology solutions to keep your pc top notch secure and safe. Moreover, its after sales support team were excellent. If you are sourcing for cheap computers make sure you buy computer security from the number one computer store – Dell. It’s quick and easy to shop with Dell, if you have any queries, their advisors are more than happy to deliver friendly service to you. Hit to Dell today for the coolest PC of your choice.

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Thought of the day with Jing-Si Aphorisms

I believe with discipline, even five dollars a day could slowly accumulate to a mountain high savings.

Time is precious for me now. I have to juggle between two kids and other worries. I can't waste anymore times.

Ooops! My girl is making so much noise now. Got to go.

Cheap Dell computers

If you are looking for a Dell computer at your local computer store, do not waste your time. Try Dell online instead; they offer fantastic cheap computer deals at amazing prices and packed with the latest features. Buying a computer at Dell is quick and easy. Whether you need it to produce complex diagram, photo retouching, create world class logo design, for entertainment and games; Dell has it all charted out for you. So there's sure to be a Dell computer that fits your needs and your budget. Their comprehensive glossary of computer terms will guide and help you choose the computer that's just right for you. What are you waiting for? Hit to Dell online for your cheap computers deal.

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Still awake

I am a little excited and worried at the moment. There are so many things floating in my mind, it keep me awake although my body are exhausted by this hour. Will I get what I want? I need to give myself deadline to accomplish it. God! Are you listening to me? Do you think you could spare me help? I need your almighty force. Please help yea! Thank you and good night or should I say “Good Morning!”

Dell notebook

Since my son has been playing games with my pc day in and day out, I was thinking to get another notebook for my own use. My ex-company used to purchase pc portable from Dell online. Their services are very good. I have spoken to the customer service from Dell and they are very professional. You could choose specs according to your own needs as well. They have notebook offers for home, home office, and business offers. If you are not clear, you could even check out their notebook advisor link at the right navigation. Are you looking for a notebook? Why not check them out today?

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Online Shoping in Malaysia

I bumped into an online shopping site in Malaysia recently. They have huge varieties of goods like Baby n kids, Beauty products, Fragrance, Jersey, Jewelry, Ladies Bag, Shoes, Swimsuits, T-shirts, undergarment, women clothing for sale online. I particularly love their Fashion items. Most of their fashion clothing is imported from US, France, Korea, Taiwan, and China. The prices are very reasonable too. If you like to shop online, this is the site that you won’t want to miss.

I was thinking to get this undergarment. What do you think? Is it seductive enough?

1. Undergarment 2. Swim Suit

3. Kids clothing

Friday, September 21, 2007

Car lift

I used to work in a place where they are very limited parking space. In order to get a space to park, we got to folk out at least 200-300 per month just for parking at work. That’s quite costly. I wonder why the owners don’t look into solution like putting car lift that can allow stacking of cars to save space and park more cars. That way employee could save on the parking fees and not wasting time looking for parking spot and hence feel less stress going to work. Click here to see more varieties of car lift. sponsors this post.

"I want you to make milk for me"

It's hard to juggle with 2 kids especially in the middle of expressing milk and there come a crying toodler wanting me to make milk for him. No one else can make but I have to in order not to upset him. He must be so insecure to see me feed her sister. Tears would roll down his cheek like tap water if I don't agree. O poor boy!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom is the most important room in our home. I am sure you would spend time decorating it with good quality bedroom furniture to make it feel warm and cozy. At Furniture From Home, you could find all kinds of design to suit your taste. From classic to contemporary, from light to dark shades, from kid bedroom furniture to child bedroom furniture ; it’s your one stop online quality furniture shop. Do you want your honey to come home early? Start shopping for your storage bed NOW!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Thought of the day with Jing-Si Aphorisms

Yea, some of our human mind is very rotten. It's disheartening to find girls age 6-8 being sexually assulted and killed.

And now we are told to teach our daughter not to trust even teachers and relatives. We indeed must Cleanse the human mind.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dining Room Furniture

Are you looking for some beautiful dining room furniture set for your cozy home? Well, why not try out Furniture From Home. They have huge selection of good quality, best prices, variety of design furniture to add style and color to your home. I personally love this cute piece, a contemporary dining table in espresso finish triangular shape. Give them a try, they won’t disappoint you.

Another cool game site for kids

Here is another site that my boy loves to go. PBS Kids

The other day he saw this vTech games in Jusco. There were like 2 kids waiting in line and he told me he doesn't mind waiting. Wahlau eh..I pengsan. Luckily I also very clever, I conned him to come home fast so I could install a new game for him. is the biggest culprit here. *Shake head*.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Great discount coupons

Time flies, the holiday seasons is around the corner. First, it is Halloween then Thanks giving and very soon it will be the season of Santa. Have you already list out what to get for your love ones? If you haven’t, it’s time to start thinking to avoid the last minute rush and dilemma.

Why not check out this one stop coupon deal and discount resource center. They focus on customer support and providing up to date coupon codes and promotional deals. It has interesting brands and products plus great discounts awaiting you. I was looking at Gap to get some cute baby clothing for my niece and a lovely handbag for my mum at eBags. Hmm…I just love discount coupons.

My Games additive boy

Few years back when my ex-colleague told me that her five yr-old son could use the computer to play games, I was very amazed. Now my lovely son surprise me again at the age of four. I don't remember knowing how to operate a computer at the age of four. This little boy of mine spent quite a fair bit of time in site like Little Einsteins , Kim Possible playing games and doing fun activities. I must say, these sites are terrific! Nice graphics, fast loading time and some are really educational. There is this one game where he has to kick a ball, along the journey, they are fruits & vegetables like carrots, cellery, brocolli and junk food to grab in order to reach destination. If he choose to eat junk food, it will slow him down. Very cute!

Love Letter

Have you written love letters before and when was your first love letter? I was in year three when I wrote my first love letter. He was tall and had the face of Jet Li. I like tall and sporty looking guy, I would lay my eyes on him quietly at a corner of the classroom.

One day I walked up to him and told him that someone had asked me to pass him a letter. I invited him to come to my house to chat with me in the letter. To my disappointment, he didn’t turn up. Perhaps it was a badly written love letter. Hah! If you are serious about writing any romance love letter, romance poems or looking for romantic ideas, articles about relationship, and even some interesting romantic games for couple, drop by at, they are pretty COOL!

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Jing Si Aphorism

When faced by difficulties, the mind of a person's involved usually are like being cloud by thick fog.

During this time, I think friends with clear and wise head are good companion.

A self motivated and positive attitude is a great help too. A "Never say die" state of mind can turn darkness to brightness sometimes.

Weekend Breaks

Are you still sitting in front of your computer with a stiff shoulder and tired eyes? Hey, take a break! Perhaps a short weekend breaks to your dream destinations with your love ones having spa, massages, sun bathing in the beach, and sightseeing or even go shopping.

Do something different today! Dislaflight provides you with better travel experience. You could plan your dream holidays with cheap flights to Paris, Rome, Barcelona; look for flights, hotels, car hire and many more travel ideas like golf holidays, ski holidays, African Safaris and even Travel Vaccinations. Check out their exciting photos online with just a click of your mouse now!

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Bugs in PPP

Not sure what weng wrong. PPP has been having bugs like ages. I had summited a few post but it didn't show up in my dashboard. And did u hear about their latest rules? Gosh! It's getting harder even to earn extra few bucks. And my opps are so little nowadays. Hmm... when I first started doing it, some people told me that it was just a gimmick and it won't last long. What do you think?

I personally think it works and I have received real money from them except me blog has low rank and not much opps available for me. *Sigh*

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Furniture From Home for you

Are you looking for beautiful furniture for your sweet home? Look no further, Furniture From Home provides quality pieces and it’s very convenience to surf around for ideas. It housed bedroom Sets, Living room sets, Dining room sets, home office furniture, leather furniture and many more varieties of innovative concepts and themes like storage beds, Platform Bed, Leather Dining Chairs. I personally love contemporary theme like this. It was influence by the Japanese founding principles of simplicity in design, balance, and symmetry. Yea, do check out this black chaise lounge Chair, it’s gorgeous and looks comfy too!

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Now that my kids are asleep, I could finally have some free time to write something. My TM Net has gone NUTS for the past one week and thus no internet connection. There are so many things I wanted to do. I want to watch some movies, but NO TIME. I wanted to read some newspaper but NOT ENOUGH TIME. I wanted to make a jewellery for a friend, NO TIME as well. THe little one keep "eh, eh" and I need to attend to her. I have so many unaccomplish things. Who said being a SAHM is easy?

Karl Moore's inspirational messages

Feeling a little down today? We all do sometimes. When I feel shitty like today, I will either talk to friends or visit Karl's blog for his Random Act of Kindness and Friday Factoid. Karl Moore is a best-selling author and an entrepreneur. He inspires thousands of people daily through his inspirational messages in his blog which was set up to help individuals in their spiritual growth.

His blog is quite interesting; infact looking at his handsome face already make you feel better.Hah! You could listen to his selection of beautiful music while reading his messages. He had a forum and WOW! He broadcast too. This is so COOL! Every month Karl Moore broadcast LIVE to over 60,000 listeners. So still feeling gloomy? Head to Karl's blog for a boost of positive vibes NOW!

Desire = Suffering?

I saw a bag in Esprit store last Saturday, it's huge and white in color. Thought of getting it. Do I really need it with many other bags hanging behind me?

I used to ask myself this question. Would I die if I don't have this? Hah! It works sometimes to stop me from desiring things. Things that I might not need.

It's very true that a lot of suffering is caused by endless desire.

Latina Dating

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You could send a Flirt to girls or guys you are interested for a start to test, browsing their photos, send messages, check out their profiles and etc .

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A Prisoner- that's me

Being a mother of 2 is really not an easy task. I wanted to go out so badly but couldn't find anyone to take care of my baby. There are some hiccups in my mil's place. I can't send my kids there. I won't want to. In other words, I am sort of a prisoner. Sigh! I cannot understand why my SIL behave in such a way. Sometimes I really hope she just disappear in front of my face for causing so much trouble.