Wednesday, August 29, 2007

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Sagging tits

My confinement nanny likes to talk to me during our mealtime. She makes me laugh sometimes. Once she told me about a friend of hers has a D cup size bust. After breast-feeding 2 kids, her breast sagged to her waistline; She has to fly to Florida to get it fix. True enough, she came back looking normal except with a pair of beautifully modified breast.

Well, I guess bigger breast sag easier than smaller ones. I am doing my palm pressing exercise daily to avoid sagging although I don’t have a huge pair but it’s still good to exercise…hah! ☺

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

wall mounting vacuum

Well, I don’t really vacuum my car but my helper does. She vacuums it once a week on a Saturday morning to my husband’s and my car apart from washing them. She would drag the bulky old-fashioned vacuum from inside our house storeroom to the garage and start doing the nasty work. It’s pretty noisy too.

I was browsing the net the other day, looking at how beautiful the wall mounting car vacuum design, I am sure you too can’t resist getting it. I am seriously thinking of getting one.

Car Guy sponsors this post.

What's next?

As I am typing this article with my right hand, my left hand is carrying my new born girl. She had been cranky this whole day and night. crying at every little disturbance. She must be extrmely uncomfortable fighting with the flu bugs. I am up to my neck edi. I am not sure if I could survive another month. what's next after this month? I am thinking hard now.