Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Blood Type Diet, Weight Loss

I have always been fascinated with Blood type. I remembered when I was in secondary school; we used to read blood type characteristics to better understand friends, enemies and myself. To my amusement, it is quite accurate.

I just had a chat with a friend from Singapore, a University maid of mine from Australia. She has always been troubled by her weight problem. Drooling over handsome hunks and constant effort trying to tackle them with no results. She told me she had since loose 30kg in 3 months. I was like “WTF? What did u do?”

“Blood type diet,” she replied coolly. 

I have since bought Blood Type A book for my own consumption, my intention is not to loose weight but to be cautious of not to put on weight and stay healthy knowing what food is good and what food is extremely harmful for my blood type.

Can you believe it that Blood Type A's ancestor is vegan? All this while I was quite in tune with my ancestry root as I tried to eat more vegies and less meat. And blood type A do poorly on diary product, I have always not fascinated with milk that tend to make me nauseatic. I can find all the answers in this book.

Knowing what kind of food to prepare for my blood type O’s daughter and A’s son is easier now. 

Try it for yourself. 

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Dr. D'Adamo's Blood Type Diet