Thursday, April 05, 2007

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Jing-Si Aphorisms

Make more money with money

In order to make more money, we need money to make money fast. There was this article teaching us how to invest with our money a while ago in the local newspaper. Why do we need investment? In order for one to retire comfortably, the paper said we the current generation needs at least 2.8million. If you think logically, keeping ones money in a conventional savings account is not going to get you there. Gosh! 1 million is hard enough to achieve let alone 2.8mil.

No worries, click to global futures for solutions. Global Futures has a $0 opening balance. They could help you get started with as little as $250. Their global network allows you access to the world's major futures and options exchanges in North America, Europe and Asia. They provide you with high-tech electronic trading platforms, risk monitoring software and the most advanced technologies. Want to know more, feel free to contact their 24-hour in-house tech and customer support.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Sometimes I am so puzzled with people who do not realize how many kids they have. When they are off to somewhere, they can just forget about counting or checking all the kids with them before heading to somewhere.

Reading the news today just make me so piss, how could parents being so careless leaving their kid in a locked car and leaving them to die with an excuse of forgetting about them? Bullshit! Don’t tell me, he has never checked the car for a sleeping toddler before leaving or head count their kids if they have four. By the way, four kids are not a lot for them to forget. FUCK! Stupid FUCKER!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Remedy for nasty mold

Have you encountered nasty mold in your home surrounding? If the answer is YES, it is time for you to look into the matter seriously. Some may think that it is just some ugly patches without realizing that it could cause sneezing, coughing, itchy, watery eyes and worst if you have infants or children at home, exposing them to mold can be extremely serious. Better be safe than sorry, ACT today! Consult PA Mold Managers for remedy and rebuilding of a healthy home. Read testimonials here.

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My Favourite designer

Do you know who is the mastermind behind this marvelous logo design?

It's Paul Rank. 

A breakthrough web links directory

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Fries with sweet tomato sauce

Have you tried this snack before? My nephew introduced me to this snack. To my surprise, it is yummy-yum-yum. It came with three packets of sweet tomato sauce.

So how do you consume it? Easy peasy, just dip your fries in the sauce and viola! The fries taste good, not too salty but very crispy. Go try it. I bought it at one of the supermarket in Taman Desa. It cost about RM2 per pack.