Monday, June 05, 2006

BB's independence emerging

I just wonder how much bb has grown. Having to spend the mere two days last weekend with him, I realized his head has grown bigger while stroking his hair. He has grown taller and much chattier and he knows what he is saying. He eats more, sleeps better and plays really well too. Sometimes I find the way he plays a little too dangerous. He would rock while crossing a long wooded log in Gymboree; jump without holding my hand from a higher place towards padded mattress, slide on his tummy instead of sitting. Hmm…I kept reminding him that he could not do all this at home. At home, he likes to jump into his walker, yea the one he used to walk while he was still a baby. He will spin and spin non-stop in it and run fast banging towards the table, shelf, and walls.

He likes talking to himself too nowadays. Hubby was teasing that it’s Single Child Syndrome. I don’t think so la…it’s part and puzzle of growing up. The other day, I saw him reading my book, which I left on the study table. He picked it up and started reading it upside down. As it was all words, he just repeated those sound in his own language. I cannot understand what he read. Hubby and I were amazed at the scene we saw and quickly grabbed the camera to capture it. He must have imitated us when we read to him at night. He is quite familiar with three books he likes. He will pass daddy and me one each to read to him and keep the other one for himself. He is quite expert now, I would pause sometimes and ask him to continue the missing words, he is able to say it. For instance, I wld read “Tiny little baby bear said Hello there!” followed by a question: “What did father bear said?” He will continue with “Pardon, I cannot hear you”. That is how we learn at night. Sometimes he would wonder around the room while answering me.

I can see slight independence emerging from him. Soon, he will bloom to a young teenager. I only hope that he will stay filial to us parents, walk the right path in his life.

BB reading in his own language...