Friday, October 27, 2006

Deepa-Raya holiday outings

I had been cracking where to bring bb to during the Raya Holidays. Daddy’s car has some problem and we can’t really travel far. Since It was a bright and breezy day, we finally decided to bring bb for a real train ride. He loves “Thomas and friends tu tu train” so much, we gladly drove all the way to Kelana Jaya to catch the LRT just to let the little one experience it.

As expected, he was delighted riding it, pointing his fingers to scenes outside the LRT. We paid two-way tickets of RM2.30 from Kelana Jaya to Universiti station.

Later, we stopped by at a food court to have our lunch. I didn’t eat because there isn’t any vegetarian food available ( I am on vegetarian for 10 days). Bb asked for a glass of watermelon juice. He makes so much fuss and wanted a new juice without ice, well it’s all my fault la, I trained him not to drink cold drink, so had to deal with his fussiness. I ordered a new glass for him, this time without ice. He happily sip sip sip until can’t take no more, it was half empty. He gave it to his father. I think it’s not nice at all as they add a lot of water and sugar, not much of watermelon taste. Later, I spotted a vegetarian restaurant near by so we stopped there to have lunch again for me.

After lunch, we headed for KL Bird Park, the World’s Largest Walk-in Free Flight Aviary. It was a relaxing walk; the sun was hiding behind huge clouds making the entire journey very enjoyable. They are a pair of cage bird near entrance, I said hello but they didn’t reply. The last time we went when bb was still very young, those birds could say “Hi, Hello and even Asalam Mualaikum” haha!

We could see peacock roaming freely in the park. Some big, some small, some not much hair or father, some blur blur and shitting. They are Mandarin ducks, owls, Pelicans, Hornbills, and Chicks etc. We stopped by at a playground near the bird’s performance stadium. Bb had some great time there. He yak none stop, he was quite sleepy and asked to go home until he sees the playground. Suddenly, he was awaken by the colorful slide, swings and many more. Actually, I couldn’t remember much of the park coz it was a little bored for me. Well, but at least we brought him out to the nature instead of staying home watching TV. We left home before the downpour.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Papa, I want a new bicycle.

While examining his bicycle, bb called his father who had just reached home not long ago.

BB: papa come, can you buy bb a new bicycle? This one is too short, this one too small (pointed at the paddle), bb cannot ride.
Papa: Okay.

Mommy who came to know it later still cannot believe what he has said.

Anyway, hubby wanted to buy him one on his birthday, he just has to wait a little longer.


BB was playing with his lil’ birdie until it became hard while resting on a bean bag seat. Mil called and told him “Bb, you cannot play with your birdie, later when you pee pee, very painful one and ants will come and bite bite.

BB responded: “BB not playing, I am only touching it.”

Mommy: Kekekeke.....

pic shown above is his old bicycle.
Update 2:09pm
Bb called during lunch.
BB: mommy, I want see mommy...
Mommy: Mommy working, I will see you tonight okay? You be a good boy okay?
BB: I cannot Tahan mommy....
PoPo: Let popo talk to mommy
BB: eeeeeeeee.....(start showing sound of wanted to cry and miss me so much)
PoPo: He was playing ABC matte, when it reaches the Alphabet M, M for mommy and he wanted to call you.
Mommy feel damn touch.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Karaokie BB

After Dinner the other day, Mil allowed bb to show off his skills of singing using her mic. Bb loved it, he started calling everyone's name using the mic and later entertained us by singing some songs. I was amazed with his ability to sing. Feel so proud that night...hihi!

Last night, he taught us how to sing "Where is Thumb-kin". Lil pro said: put ur hand (left) straight like that (demonstrated), and put this hand(right hand) at the back. Then he start singing, where is thumb-kin, where is thumb-kin, here I am, here I am, how are you today sir, very well thank you, run away, run away... (Whao...full of gestures, mommy think you got potential, can be the young kwang liang, haha!)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Special Day

I am very delighted today. Because I have again donated blood for the 3rd time in my life. In addition, I am even happier as it’s my birthday today. Hehe…I just thought it’s so meaningful to do such thing in my special day. I just went out for lunch with some colleagues and received well wishes from ex-colleagues. Daddy, thanks for the lovely gift too.

That's 350ml of my red blood. My hubby don't even dare to try. Hehe!
Conclution: Women are more brave than men. Agree?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Weekend with mom and dad

It was a quiet Saturday for bb and me. We slept more than 3 hours in the afternoon. Snoozing like pigs while daddy treated his itching hands a game of mah jong with his mamak gang. Bb was bored I guess, he asked for some paint on the high desk to doodle. I allow him and let him deal with it alone and viola….this is how the supposedly pretty tele-tubbies’ stain glass key chain turned out.

When nightfall, he excitedly asked for “Tang Long”. I bought those paper ones at Carrefour few weeks ago. He loves it. We enjoyed the quiet and peaceful neighbourhood with paper tang long. It looks very pretty too. At first daddy was wondering how to handle the wire on top of the tang long until mommy took out a pair of disposable chopstick as the handle. Haha! Smart ler but not as smart as Sri, she took out a long stick and hook all three paper tong long for bb to play later.

Sunday, as usual we started the day late and headed for a Japanese lunch in One U. I called Chicken Teriyaki. Daddy settled with his favorite Unagi set. I Didn’t finish it, the chicken smells. Yuck!!! I think Sushi King’s standard has dropped and I didn’t like their set menu and there are expensive!!! Anyway, no complaint, it was daddy’s call. Before we could finished, bb shouted in the restaurant, “where is kid’s sport?, I want to go Kidsport.”

As Sri didn’t follow us out, daddy and I have to take turn to play with that active lil boy.

I went browsing in Popular bookshop as I was attracted to their 3 days only 20% discount. Bought some books and later a pair of shoe, I went back to take over the wheel.

I accompanied bb to the big green curvy slide. Gosh!!! I had cuts and bruises on both my elbow. I noticed how confident this little boy was. He was so familiar with the route that I couldn’t catch up with him and I was quite afraid of that slide and its height. Many a time, I called him to wait up and quoted “mommy scared”. His reply to me was, “Mommy scared, Bb not scared”. Then I asked him, “Can you protect mommy by waiting for me?” He said “yes” and he actually waited for me but only for a while, the young boy crawled and wiggled to holes, nets, textured plastic surfaces and tunnels without sight of mommy.

I noticed he wasn’t afraid at all without me and once I lost sight of him and was worried and asked an assistance to help dig him out. He was caught hiding in a tiny hut near the pool ball. Very worrying especially seeing news of kidnapping kids.

He was tired; he slept on my shoulder when we leave Kid’s sport for Giant.