Thursday, July 13, 2006

Durian Buffet

Thought of sharing this to Durian Fans out there. I am so keen to go but looking for kaki now. Bb daddy don't fancy Durian. Luckily bb is......hahaha, thanks to me. After reading michelle's article of durian in Balik Pulau...aww...cannot resist this.

Just received an sms from bb daddy. It says, okay I will go with you but I don't fancy Durian. :)

Date: July 15, 2006 -Saturday

Time: 10.30am-4pm

Venue: Car park area of Hotel Armada

Price: RM10 adult/RM8 child

Update: "SOB SOB" Ticket all sold out, respond were so great. Anyone out there has ways to get hold of the ticket? "MEGA SOB" What a waste!!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What's this???

These are one of those art works that bb created with the help of Sri in art classes that Mil enrolled him couple of weeks ago. He likes it very much and draw almost everyday at home. Although it was abstract but there are stories behind every one of them.

Eg: when asked about what he drew in the class, he told teacher that “ Pair der (uncle in Hainanese) fly fly in airplane to Germany and fly back”. Wow! Now I know, it is a good way to express himself thru art. Only he knows what he draws.

Last night he took out his photo album again and I asked him to point at uncles and aunties, he circulate his fingers like drawing circles before pointing to them naughtily. It was cute I think.

Oh ya, I compiled his first 6 months photos and videos and made them into VCD for him to watch lately. Of coz, it started with my fat and suffering face on the hospital bed. Guess what? One day mil called me at work; she said Bb turned very emotional over certain part of the video and asked to speak to me. Haha…I am so glad and surprise that he is such sensitive and caring boy.

He also developed a habit of saying "Shut Up" and "What's this?".
Once he told mommy and daddy off like this:
"mommy shut up, papa shut up, BB is Hmm...Hmm(pooing) hiding inside the hotel closet. "

Incy-wincy spider climb up the water spout!!! Can you do the gesture? Hehe... some of my colleague can't ...gegegege!!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

My Goal Post

No one was home when I arrived on Friday evening. Bb went out with Pil for some shopping. I strolled alone in the garden and found newly build goal post with raffia string as net in red, blue and green. Not bad eh? It was a joint effort from Sri and Suktei(mil Cambodian maid) for the little one. Thanks to the soccer craze in this recent month, bb also got himself a new target whenever he tries to kick a ball. There is no bb there to capture any professional player in action except a lonesome ball in the warm evening sun.

I took some snapshots of the garden bb plays in daily and an egg carton creation(Human Head). It was an art direction from mother in law to Sri. She saw a kid cutting cartons out to form various characters in her massage parlour. For this, I must say a big thank you to her for doing such great job taking care of my kid without any reward. Without her and fil’s support, hubby and I would not be so at ease like what we are now. Why so touchy feely one??? No idea….

Saturday ...
Argument with hubby at home. No lunch for him, no lunch for Sri. Only cook for bb. Kekeke…don’t step on my tail or He EAT HIMSELF.

Hubby disagree to continue sending bb to Gymboree as he thinks it’s a waste of money. *Duh* No idea what’s happening in his mind. I have no choice but to oblige. I am not giving up yet, am trying to persuade him again (hey hub, if u r reading this, any second chance???). However, he thinks it is not a waste of money to bring bb to Kidzsport. *Rolled eyes*

Oh ya, bb has been urging me to make him Jelly. There you go, a bowlful of Konnyaku Jelly stuffed with rambutan and pineapple. Recipe.

Ooo..I have started swimming again to keep myself fit. It was unfortunate that hub was beside me when an ex colleague commented I have put on some weight. Men, how I wish I could do that to him as well. He is FAT, how unfair, I have to work on my body and he does not. *bite teeth* I managed to swim 40 laps last week, gonna do it again this evening.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Fun with Aladdin the Prince

A couple of weeks ago, we attended a kid’s costume party. Bb dressed as Aladdin boy and attracted a lot of Ooh-ed and ah-ed from onlookers during the journey there. Kids were all dressed up as princess, angel, Haiwaian girl, Spidermen, Flash, Kimono, Soldier and many more. They all looked so adorable.

The party started around 4pm with dancing, fashion showing and some usual kid’s activities. It was quite crowded, lovely angels in sweet costumes were everywhere. Bb was overexcited and did not settle for an afternoon nap before the party. Therefore, he appeared to be a little tired with teeny red and teary eyes; however, he has a lot of fun at the party. Did you notice his red hat with huge aqua feather? I was so proud of him; he managed to keep it on until the end of the party before handing it over to me.

It was a fun process choosing a costume for him. We dropped by at one party shop and a photography studio in Mt. Kiara before deciding on this Aladdin outfit. We were contemplating weather to get him a red devil or a Flintstone costume but eventually we decided to drop those as either they look dull or bb kept pulling the hat off. We choose Aladdin for its vibrant hue. When bb first put on the hat in front of the mirror, you see him smiling away saying “Hmm…NICE”. I guess we made the right choice. It is what he likes best.

After having a lucky draw and some snacks, we headed home. He knocked out right away once in the car.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I am back!!! :)

It has been a while since I blog off! Just had a chat with Jazzmint today, read some articles from blogging land, and heard some plagiarism news here and there, very shocking indeed! I just hope that things will be better and those who plagiarize had learnt the lesson well.

Here are some images from a recent trip to Melacca with bb and hubby to a friend’s wedding. It was a new experience for bb who turned moody during the HOT day driving back from the historical land.